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Queensland can be a fierce competitor in the boating world because of its scenic beauty, plenty of fish biting and World Heritage-hugging waterways. Whether you own a yacht, a houseboat, cruiser or a tall ship, there are many premier marinas where you can park, relax and enjoy the day. Here are some of the best marinas in Queensland you should know.


Abell Point Marina is considered one of the premier boating destinations on the east coast of Australia. It’s not surprising that it is found on the Whitsundays Islands. Abell Point has undergone redevelopment through the years with a focus on providing first-class-level service and facilities to boating and cruising visitors.

Included in the new facilities are:
• Upgraded private amenities
• Three restaurants or bars and café
• 300 parking spaces
• World-class function and event facility
• Foreshore relaxation areas

Abell Point Marina boasts of three-phase power up to 125 amps, 507 berths, 24-hour fuel, 24-hour security and deep-water berths to 5m LAT and concierge services. As a premier marina, its concierge services for crew and guests let you enjoy a courtesy car and dedicated marina helipad for transfers and private landings.

With the many upgrades and redevelopments, Abell Point has experienced a rapid increase in visiting customers due to its broader and deeper berth availability, excellent services and the advantage of having skilled marina staff to make the boating experience for skippers and crew more pleasant.


Breakwater Marina in Townsville is all about superior service, perfect for short and long-term stays. What sets this marina apart from the rest is how it painstakingly makes sure to tailor your berthing needs to the best marina available. Breakwater Marina believes each vessel is just as unique as its owner, and this is where it anchors its premium services.

Breakwater Marina wants you to experience Queensland hospitality with its easy ocean access, city-side Marina, 24-hour fuel service, restaurants and bars as well as shops. The good news is, pets are very much welcome.


Bundaberg Port Marina is known for offering first-class marine facilities. Situated at a very strategic location, Bundaberg is an official Port of Entry for international vessels. Having said this, for the past several years, the Bundaberg Port Marina has continuously cleared more international ships than any other port of entry in Australia.

Aside from it being a port of entry, Bundaberg’s accessible, deep-water and all-weather entrance has contributed to the increasing influx of visitors each year.

Its other services and facilities include:
• 160 top-quality floating berths with power, water, security lighting, telephone and wireless broadband
• Convenient refuelling
• Modern amenities
• Laundromat
• Public phones
• Hire cars
• General store with ATM, LPG refills and ice

Another impressive feature of the Bundaberg Port Marina is the ship repair facilities. The Marina’s world-class services for ships have catapulted Bundaberg as one of the most recognised ship repair facilities in Queensland. That’s one impressive feature that sets this on top of marinas in Queensland. Its services include a 70-tonne ship-lift, concreted hardstand area, fully enclosed paint shed, enclosed work bays for sandblasting activities and high-pressure cleaning service. It also offers quality cradles and stands, professional and skilled staff and is one of the largest dry storage yards on the east coast.


Queensland’s stunning Gold Coast cradles the Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM), which makes it the perfect cruising destination or parking for vessels sailing the South Pacific or the east coast of Australia.
Talk about being on top, GCCM is Australia’s most-awarded marina and the most comprehensive marine facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Its world-class facilities include:
• Marina berths for vessels up to 65m
• Undercover dry stack storage
• Haul out facilities (up to 250t)
• 50,000m2 shipyard/hardstand
• Refit sheds
• Work berths
• Over 60 marine-related trades operating on-site
• On-site restaurant and café
• Customer lounge, ensuite and laundry facilities
• On water refuelling
• 24-hour on-site security and comprehensive CCTV coverage
• Complimentary Wi-Fi

GCCM strives to ensure that visiting crew for domestic and transiting vessels get world-class care and attention. GCCM covers everything you need in the marine industry.


Beautifully situated at the heart of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, which is known for its pristine beaches, breathtaking drives and unspoiled national parks, Mooloolaba Marina gives you that vibrant holiday feel. It lets you enjoy the perfect ambience for a holiday escape year-round that not all marinas in Queensland offer.

With the warm sunshine, scenic parks and friendly environment that surround Mooloolaba, this marina is well-known for its social events. There’s BBQ every Friday night held at the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club. Feast from either BYO meat or buy meat packs available at the bar. For pet lovers, Mooloolaba extends its friendliness to your pet animals.

Mooloolaba Marina is located in a safe and protected harbour that is a part of the mouth of the Mooloolah River.

Marinas are redefining stopovers that can stretch to hours, leading to boredom and exhaustion. With marinas like these, layovers are as relaxing and enjoyable as the cruise itself. Queensland’s marinas generously provide ample rest, relaxation, entertainment and facilities that offer an unprecedented level of service. Plan your trip well, and you can look forward not just to the destination but the stopovers, as well.



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