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Swags, or camping swags, originated in Australia. They were carried by those who travelled from town to town and farm to farm looking for work. They were pretty simple back then, consisting of a canvas bedroll that could be easily transported and put down for a decent night’s sleep just about anywhere. Those men were actually called “Swagmen” back then and they are well documented in Australian historical culture.


The simple swag of yesteryear has come a long way. Today they look much more like a tent but are still as simple to use as they were back then.

Modern day camping swags combine the traditional features of a swag with the features you would expect from a tent, without the hassle of setting a tent up.

Modern camping swags have a few extra features, notably a full, rounded cover. They are still long and thin to accommodate a single person, although 2 person swags are also available. The majority of modern swags use a single rounded pole or one at each end to give shape to the swag. This means they don’t need tying down or pegs to set up. The rounded shape also offers protection against the rain, allowing it to immediately run off. You can think of a swag as a single person dome tent.

Another important feature of a quality swag is that it comes with its own bedding. A swag wouldn’t be a swag if you couldn’t sleep in it comfortably. The swag is not just a cover, it is a full bedding solution. That’s why most swags come with their own foam mattress, which should have a cover that’s easy to remove and put back on. This way you can wash it and air it out when you need.

Other features to look for in a quality swag include being made from a durable canvas and having an option to open that canvas while retaining the protection of mesh to keep bugs and mozzies out.

For less than $180, you can’t really find a better sleeping solution for the great Australian outdoors that will last as long as a swag.

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