Acanthocybium solandri

Northern WA, Southern WA, NSW/ACT, Southern QLD, Northern QLD, NT
Ocean, Offshore, Reef, Structure

Wahoo are a highly prized sports fish. They are found in tropical and subtropical seas around the world. Wahoo swim at great speed making them even more enticing than the superb flesh they make for the table. In Hawaii, the Wahoo is known as the Ono and Wahoo is called Peto by the Hispanic cultures of the Caribbean and Central Americas.

Wahoo are one awesome looking fish.


The dorsal fin starts from behind the start of the pectoral fin compared with the Spanish Mackerel where it starts at the leading edge of the pectoral. The Wahoo has a much longer and pointed head while the trailing edge of the tail fin is vertical compared to the forked-tail of the other Mackerels. Wahoo have an elongated body with very small scales. The back is metallic blue and the sides are a silvery colour. They have jaws that are similar to those of Spanish Mackerel. They grow incredibly fast, from 5-15kg per year and can swim at speeds of 100kmh. They are an extremely beautiful fish.

Most Wahoo caught in Australian waters range from 8-30kg.


Wahoo are typically found in warm, tropical waters with depths of over 100m or more. You will find Wahoo where there are large numbers of baitfish and strong ocean currents where they chase those baitfish.

Wahoo are taken from the Kalbarri in Western Australia and the northern coasts and as far south as Montague Island in southern New South Wales.


Fishing for Wahoo is exhilarating on any tackle because of their ability to take off with lightening speeds. Wahoo are real line burners. Fish for Wahoo with a medium weight spin or overhead outfit. Light to medium strength braided nylon lines are highly recommended. These fish also have sharp teeth and so strong wire traces should be attached to nylon leaders to avoid bite-offs.

Wahoo are aggressive will feed on a variety of whole, dead and live baits, including Garfish, Mullet and Flying Fish. Many Wahoo are taken on trolled lures such as squids, pusher or minnows, feather jigs or large slices and will give you a great time. Watch out for the mouth of the Wahoo at all times.

Wahoo are commonly found near the surface and can be found above deep reef dropoffs and offshore reefs in temperatures ranging from 21-30 degrees. Rising tides and full tides are the best times to target Wahoo. The new moon phase is always a great time to fish for Wahoo.