Scomberoides commersonnianus

Northern WA, Southern QLD, Northern QLD, NT
Bay, Ocean, Offshore, Reef, Estuary, Structure

Queenfish are also called Queenie, Leather Skin, Giant Leatherskin, Skinny, Skinnyfish, Talang Queenfish and Giant Dart. Queenfish are a prized sport fish in Australia. They have amazing agility adding to the excitement. Queenfish are magnificent inshore predators.


They have a distinctive sleek body shape with big eyes and a big mouth. This natural design is perfect for them to feed on a variety of bait fish, big and small. They have rough skin and silvery bodies.

The mouth is large and extends mouth well beyond the back of the eye. Queenfish have a number of oval shaped marks on the side of the body found above the lateral line. They have a light coloured area on the dorsal and anal fins. Queenfish also have scales shaped much like the head of a spear deeply embedded in a leathery skin.

Queenfish can grow to 15kg at 1.2m but are usually caught around 2-3kg.


Queenfish can be found anywhere around the northern half of Australia from Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia to Moreton Bay in southern Queensland. They prefer tropical waters and can be found in offshore reefs, estuary systems, inshore reefs, rocky headlands, islands and bays.


The best way to find Queenfish is to look for their prey. If you find baitfish you will also probably find Queenfish. That is certainly the case around shallow flats. Trolling around rocky headlands is a great way to track down Queenfish. It is best to chase Queenfish on the change of tides at first and last light during the summertime. You will also find Queenfish patrolling the coastline.

Queenfish are also found between the upper tidal zones of tropical estuaries, rivers to inshore reefs. They also prefer slightly murky, flowing water. They are ambush feeders, so they will hide in all the typical structure you would expect where tidal changes created turbid waters.

Get ready for a great battle when you are chasing Queenfish. They have spectacular fighting skills.

Queenfish are not fussy eaters. You can use just about any fish strip baits or fresh prawns and squid. They take well to live bait.

Queenfish also love lures and will take shallow and deep diving minnows, poppers, jigs, spoons, trolling heads, sliced chrome lures, spoons, spinnerbaits and lures for the surface.

Soft plastics that resemble an injured baitfish are another favourite of Queenfish. The Paddle Tail lure is one that is known for being a particular favourite of Queenfish. Light to medium spin outfits with a heavy leader is recommended work well with Queenfish to cope with sharp teeth.

For those who love fly fishing, retrieve minnow flies through the current at speeds works well.