Perca fluviatilis

Southern WA, SA, VIC, TAS, NSW/ACT
Lake, River, Stream, Pond, Structure

Redfin Perch has a number of other names including European Perch, Perch, Big-Scaled Perch, English Perch, Eurasian Perch, Eurasian River Perch and Common Perch.

Redfin Perch is a predatory species of fish found around Europe and the north of Asia. Redfin Perch was introduced into South Africa, New Zealand and Australia where it thrives. The fish is even considered a noxious species in New South Wales.

Redfin Perch can live over 20 years. The largest recorded length is 60cm.


You will know you have caught a Redfin Perch because they have two very distinct dorsal fins and have 12-17 strong spines. They generally have a 5 or more vertical stripes across their back and sides which are less predominant in the mature fish. The dorsal fin is set well forward which resembles a small sail.

The ventral and anal fins are often very bright red or orange, often with a tinge of white at the ends. The tail fin can also be bright orange to an orange/yellow colour.


As an introduced species can find Redfin Perch across NSW, SA, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and even the southwestern corner of Western Australia. They were introduced for fishing back in the 1860s. They are considered an excellent sport fish for their fighting capabilities. They are also popular with fishos for their taste.

The problem is that these fish are not native and destroy fisheries because they are voracious predators and the fact that they carry the EHN virus.


While Redfin Perch are found in a variety of habitats, they prefer anywhere with slow moving waters. This means you will find them in lakes, dams, billabongs, swamps and streams. They also like areas of structure, including deadwood, vegetation and rocks. They are easier to catch around structure but are also caught in areas of open water.

Redfin Perch prefer cooler water and in summer and the largest Redfin are almost always under the thermocline in dams or large river holes. Redfin are an aggressive and prolific breeding fish.

Bait and fly work well with Redfin Perch. However, when you find a school of Redfin Perch, there is nothing better than the trusty earthworm. Earthworm lures are also very effective. Yabbies, crickets, grubs or shrimp also work well. As Redfin Perch are a voracious predator, just about any kind of fishing lure will deliver some results.

Spinning blades are highly recommended because you can control depth. You don’t need to be right on the bottom but it is important to get a decent amount of water.

The best fishing lures for Redfin are those that have loads of colour and make a decent amount of noise and action.

A light spin rod and reel outfit is the most suitable setup for fishing for Redfin Perch.