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If you’re feeling hungry, you’re advised to go and eat something before you continue reading on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There is no better way to see Australia than to drive it yourself. Aussies have no problems doing a 10-hour drive north and south between states or across to another, and that can just be for the weekend. If you have some time up your sleeve, travelling up or down the eastern coast from as far south to as far north as you will dare is an amazing way to spend a month to a year. Whatever way you go, if you are travelling around Australia by plane, make sure you stop and get out and spend some time on the road.

Every international traveller or Australian I’ve ever met, that got together with friends and hit the road in a comfortable 4WD, said they absolutely loved it. If you flew, you missed out on so much. You will be surprised at the places you will want to stop at a have a good look around and maybe stay a few days longer. From deserted islands you can swim across to and cooling pools in the gorges to simply stunningly wide landscape scenes. There’s just nothing like quite like it. If you’re camping and fishing, you’ll find some of the most secret and best-hidden fishing spots on the planet.

I fish to catch, cook, eat and enjoy! If it’s for eating, then I am not catching it. I just can’t understand the concept. I fish because I want to catch a fish and then I want to cook it up something fancy a new recipe, maybe something I brought back from my travels around the world and try it with an Australian Snapper or something. I love my fish smoker because it’s basically a tin the size of big shoe box but it’s made of the right material to really heat up and cook fish through to the core, as I believe they should be, but moist with a crispy skin.

I got a bit side-tracked there because I was thinking about what I’m introducing you to here. I might have been in and out of the country but I’m big on hitting the road with my mates.




This one is a real hike. You’ve got to make sure you are driving with friends. It’s a great idea to start from Perth because anywhere else and you are crossing the Nullarbor Plain, well, if you make it. Mind you a great girl friend of mine, not girlfriend, a friend who is a girl, she did it on her own in a beat up Torana for a new job and be with the guy she was in love with for years.

From Perth, you are heading up the north coast and there is not much between service stations other than the other 4WD drives going the other way. Make sure you’ve got the essential extra jerry can of unleaded, tyre changing gear you can rely on, and the pouring spout, everyone forgets the pouring spout. A siphoning funnel will come in handy when you need it, and they’re cheap. The further you go, the more everything costs more and gets harder to find – always plan ahead. Despite all the driving, you are still going to have plenty of paces to stop. But that’s not all, here are the places to stay, camp, fish a live it up.



80 Mile Beach is only 350km south of Broome and is a great place to stay for a couple of days if you want to taste some of the best Salmon in the world. With a portable fish smoker, on the beach and you can end up staying there for weeks if you’ve got a decent place to sleep and stay warm at night or when winds blow in. You’ve gotta think ahead know you’re weather and know what your camping tent can really handle. It can take a while if you don’t help. Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on your favourite beverages. Broome is 2,200kms from Perth and you have to stop at Monkey Mia, the place where you can hand feed wild dolphins, just one more experience you will only find in Australia.

Boat charters are the only way to really experience Broome because the remote location has one of the best tuna and mackerel offshore fishing experiences you will ever find. Plan ahead to get a better deal.



It’s a long way to go to catch and enjoy some of the best fish in the world but when you find out why it’s the case, it will be more than worth it. The Dampier Archipelago is getting pretty close to the never-never land and you just might not want to come back. My fishing experience was truly hypnotic and I think it had something to do with the 3 Aboriginal men I met during a walk out on my own one day. They were truly special, and I do believe wouldn’t have spent much of their lives, if even a day, other than living as their ancestors did more than 80,000 to 250,000 years ago.

It was a strangely calming an exciting event. First I wasn’t sure if someone was in the distance and before I knew it they were asking me to sit down at chat with them for a little bit. Somehow I was gone for hours and I thought it was only minutes. I’ve never heard their language and I don’t think they understood English but we had an amazing conversation and I left them feeling somehow energised and good things were coming my way – that’s what they had been talking to me about.

So whether it was just pure coincidence I caught 10 times the fish than everyone combined in our group of 4, I don’t know but I know there is no such thing as coincidence. I handed over my recipe book and got the guys to focus on preparing some of the best Northwest Snapper and Scarlet Sea Perch in the world. It was awesome.


Budgeting tips: Think about carrying jerry cans and making the most of cheap petrol prices while you can because the further you go away from civilisation, petrol prices go stratospherically expensive.

Camping tips: Gear yourself up with affordable but reliable camping gear and stay at 80 Mile beach as long as you can.


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Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.