Three Capes Track


Tasmania’s Three Capes Track is fast becoming the bushwalk of all bushwalks to be enjoyed by all in Australia. If you are touring Tasmania and you are looking to experience some of Australia’s outdoors first hand, Tasmania’s Three Capes Track is for you.


The Three Capes Track is perfect for beginners as well as those with more experience. The new track opened at the end of 2015 giving more wanna-be bushwalkers the chance to explore Tasmania. Small trails were replaced with wide and easier-to-walk trails along with public huts that give a comfortable place for anyone to rest. The track takes 4 days and 3 nights to cover.

The track offers a Y-shaped configuration starting with a boat trip from Port Arthur. The track gets its name from the 3 capes, Cape Raoul, Cape Pillar and Cape Huay. You’ll have the opportunity to soak in spectacular views of the Tasmanian island from Cape Pillar. It’s like standing on the end of the world at that latitude.


Despite those feelings of being close to the edge of the world, you’ll have plenty to bring you back to a more normal experience when it comes down to resting at night. Each night you will have a hut stay in and rest. The Surveyors, Munro and Retakunna huts contain everything that you will need to relax after a solid day’s trekking. Each of the huts contains everything from hostel style rooms with memory foam mattresses, gas stoves and even USB chargers and card games. There’s no need to carry camping equipment with you on this trek. It all comes at a price, though. You’ll need around $500 per person and you should take your own sleeping bag because it can get pretty cold overnight.


You’ll need to book early if you want to try this experience. A maximum number of 48 walkers are allowed to set out each day. It’s a permit system. The track officially starts at the Port Arthur Historic Site. The fees include entry to the historic site, which is a convict station and one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist attractions. You can check it out before departing on the boat transfer which moseys around the cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula before arriving at Denmans Cove and the first walk to your first hut for the evening.

The track winds up at Fortescue Bay. From there, your shuttle bus will take you back to Port Arthur.

More details and booking is available directly from the Three Capes Track website.


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Jake Taylor

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