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Apps are influencing every aspect of our lives, including a stunning array of apps for dog owners. While some apps for dog owners are more for entertainment, there are a number of useful apps to make you and your dog’s life easier, as well as more manageable.

Here are some of my favourite apps for dog owners. If the exact app doesn’t exist for your phone’s operating system, you can be sure there is another one very similar to it in most cases.


There are plenty of tracking applications on the market that use a small device attached to your canine’s collar (or the device is the collar itself). The device will ping signals to your phone so you can track the movements of your dog through the app. Perfect for wandering canines who get up to mischief around the neighbourhood. If they stray from your garden you will get an instant notification telling you your dog has left and you can stop them before they cause too much trouble. Functionality and features depend greatly on the app and tracking device combination.


My photo album on my phone is full of selfies of me smiling at the camera while my dog stares mindlessly off to the side, distracted by something. BarkCam lets you choose a sound to be emitted when you take the picture. You can choose from a selection of preset noises including a doorbell or bag of treats rustling. This should get your dog’s attention for long enough to take a nice photo with both of you looking at the camera.


This handy app offers heaps of helpful advice for potential health scares. It shouldn’t be used as a substitute for visiting a qualified vet, but it is a good first point of call in an emergency.


Pet Phone helps you keep up to date with all your veterinary appointments. You enter your upcoming appointment and the app will send you a reminder to ensure you never miss an appointment again. You can also enter any medication prescribed and health concerns after each appointment. This way you have all your dog’s allergies, medication and health history in one place.


With so many household foods which can cause harm to your dog, iKibble tells you immediately what food your dog can eat, so you never end up giving them anything potentially dangerous.


If you like to pamper your dog, this is the app for you. The Dog Massage App was developed by dog behaviour professionals and gives dog owners instructions of how to give their pooch a massage they will love. I use it to get in my dog’s good books after a vet visit. It never fails to perk her up and we are immediately friends again.


Are you tired of asking restaurants, cafes and campsites if they are dog-friendly? PawClub, an extension of the Australian PawClub website, has a huge database of dog-friendly parks, restaurants, cafes, beaches and accommodation which is dog-friendly. So, you’ll never have to blindly turn up at a campsite, only to be told they don’t allow dogs again.


Your kids wanted your dog but now for some reason, are you are the one who walks it every day? Family Dog records each walk and records your progress so you can quickly see who walks the dog the most. Maybe with a competitive edge, your teenagers might be more inclined to get out and walk the dog. Set up a family league and turn it into a competition. You get fit, the dog gets more exercise and hopefully the burden is better shared between the family.


Is there anything you can add to this article, are there more useful apps for dog owners that should be on this list? Share your thoughts through the comments section below.

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