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Trout fishing has a huge following in the outback, especially in the south eastern region. That’s mainly because there are a lot of freshwater fishing spots there that provide great opportunities for trout fishing. For a newbie angler, this type of fishing can be easily embraced with passion. All you need to do is learn the basics and get the basic gear to start chasing Trout. Here are the common methods of fishing for Trout and other things you must know about Trout fishing.


This works just like when you’re fishing in saltwater. You can use a spinning rig when casting lures. As for the lures you’ll be using, make sure to have a different selection of colours that you can cast. It’s also important to do different retrieval speeds when doing lure casting.


Since you can find trout swimming in rivers and streams, fly fishing is the most commonly used method because it provides a lot of thrill. It does take some time to master the casting techniques, but it can be quite rewarding once you do.


You can also use trolling to catch Trout in rivers, lakes and dams. Just remember that when the sun is bright, trouts can go very deep, so you might need a downrigger kit when that happens.


If you want to chase Rainbow Trout, jigging is your best option. Jigging is especially useful if the Trout is lurking deep in the lake or river. The great thing about jigging is that you can still do it even if you’re not on a boat.


If you’re chasing Trout in lakes or dams, the deadly combination is using a sinker and a swivel tied to a leader above a hook and pairing it with a garden worm. Just make sure to use a 2 to 4 kg reel setup for a more enhanced fishing experience.


Shimano and Daiwa are the most common go-to equipment for Trout fishing. Go for freshwater rods that any of these manufacturers produce, and you’re all set. A 7-foot Shimano freshwater rod paired with a reel that has 2 to 4 kg rating with a spool size of 1000 to 3000 is the perfect combination.

If you’re going fly fishing, though, an entry-level fly fishing rod from Gillies, paired with a Gillies or Pflueger reel is another great combo – one that doesn’t break the bank.


But before you head on out and catch trout, get a recreational fishing license first if you need one. You can check with your local and state authorities.


Where should you go for trout fishing? You can find lots of Trout in these locations.

1. The New England Region
2. Central Southern Highlands
3. Lake Jindabyne
4. Lake Eucumbene
5. Monaro River, lower and Upper
6. Perisher Creek
7. Lake Eildon
8. Lillydale Lake
9. Derwent River
10. Craigbourne Dam
11. Waroona Dam
12. Harvey Dam

There’s no doubt that Trout fishing is an easy sport to get into. Not only that, it’s also very rewarding regardless of the fishing technique you’ll use. Heed these tips and put them into practice for a more successful and fruitful Trout fishing experience.

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Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.