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Recreational fishing is a popular pastime in Brisbane. Brisbane is a great place to take in your surroundings and breathe some fresh air — all while casting a line and waiting for a fish to bite in great weather. Anglers won’t have to wait for holidays to head to the water since there are a lot of great fishing spots near the city. Whether you’re fishing alone or with your family and whether you prefer land-based or boat fishing, there’s a suitable waterway for you. Here are some of the best fishing spots in Brisbane to visit.


Though Hornibrook Bridge has already been demolished, the north and south portals of the heritage-listed road bridge were retained. They’ve become favourite spots for recreational fishing. Anglers will have a more productive outing if they head to Hornibrook Bridge about an hour before and after high tide.

Hornibook Bridge is also suitable for fishing with the family. You can give your kids a quick fishing lesson. You can continue fishing as they play in the nearby playgrounds or parks.


Shorncliffe Pier is a historical timber pier that’s a popular destination for anglers. The long jetty is an excellent location for catching a wide variety of popular species. However, if the area gets too crowded on weekends, you can head to the nearby mudflats. You also won’t have to go too far to access boat ramps for fishing in Cabbage Tree Creek. After your fishing adventure, collect your catch and head to one of the four fish cleaning stations in the pier.


Though there are many fishing spots in Moreton Bay, Mud Island is one of the more popular destinations in the area and one of my favourites. The presence of different structures, such as patchy reefs and drop-offs, translates to a lot of fishing opportunities for anglers.


Tuckeroo Park in Nudgee Beach is another popular fishing destination in Brisbane. You can fish in the jetty, but there are also a lot of excelling fishing spots along the river bank. You can fish on the expansive sand flats or if you want to head to the water, there’s a boat ramp nearby.


Wellington Point is one of the renowned fishing spots in Brisbane — not just because of the fishing opportunities in the area but also because of the picturesque jetty and seaside village. Kayak fishing is also popular in the area because it only takes a short paddle to reach the nearby islands for some reef fishing.

There’s always a good chance of a productive fishing trip if you visit one of these popular fishing spots in Brisbane. Fishing for the weekend also allows you to relax and de-stress from your hectic daily life. With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that these locations are so busy on the weekends. If you are like me, you like fishing with others around because it is a great way to meet people and learn new techniques.



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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.