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Technology is undeniably a big part of our daily lives, whether it’s work or play. With the huge influence of technology on our day-to-day activities, this doesn’t exclude boating. There are so many apps now that are designed specifically for every boating need — from weather and tide forecasting to navigation, security and troubleshooting. Out of the hundreds, here are seven of the top boating apps every boater must have.


This boating app is a favourite among anglers, cruisers, sailors and divers. Installing this app by Navionics turns your device into a powerful and efficient navigation tool. It provides you with detailed charts and maps as well as 72-hour weather and tide forecasts. Another great feature is the option to save your favourite routes, add waypoints and your own geo-tagged photos.

Out of 4G coverage? That’s not a problem as this functional app can download maps for offline use. The graphics are also very easy on the eye. There’s also the Easy View option that lets you magnify the texts for better viewing. If you’re going to choose one amongst the many boating apps, this is the one.


Dockwa and Snag-A-Slip is an online slip-reservation system. Installing this boating app eliminates the hassle of reserving a docking or mooring slip. This app lets you easily connect with marinas, search for amenities, view photos and reviews, get the best rates, reserve and pay for a slip. With Snag-A-Slip and Dockwa, snagging a slip is easy-peasy.


Anchor Watch lets you sleep soundly at night while sailing away. By simply tapping on the screen or by entering GPS coordinates manually, this gem of an app sets your anchor’s position. You can choose any radius you feel is safest for you. If your boat leaves the set radius, the app will immediately alert you either via phone call, vibration alert, sound, pop-ups or email. Apart from that, you have the option of sending an alarm SMS or phone call to a number of your choice. With Anchor Watch, you’ll never have to worry about sleepless nights.


Nautical maps can be a nightmare, especially for first-time users. The Wavve Boating app relieves boaters from the stress of reading maps by providing easy-to-view nautical charts based on your vessel’s draft. By setting your exact location, you can navigate much easier, avoid hazards and simply enjoy your time on the water.

Wavve Boating also allows crowdsourcing to let you obtain information on marinas, speed zones, and other boating necessities. To add a little bit of fun, this app lets you build and enjoy a community of boaters. You can connect and share with your fellow Wavve Boating app users.


Pro Angler might be every angler’s best friend. This app lets you fish like a pro. With easy access to location-specific reports and fishing advice from veteran captains, you’ll never have a reason to miss a catch. This excellent app includes:
• Detailed species guide and angling techniques
• Easy-to-use state and federal regulations
• ‘What’s Biting’ weekly regional updates
• GPS hot spots and artificial reefs
• Real-time marine weather and tides
• Over 1,000 local bait shops, public boat launches, charters, captains and more

Apps with bonuses are worth the download. And Pro Angler is one generous app as it also gives recipes, helpful information on knots, rigs and other fishing tips.


Boat safety is a must for any boater or angler. Boat Beacon is a smart collision-avoidance tool. It provides you with the range, bearing and Closest Point of Approach (CPA) of a vessel within 30 miles. This reliable safety app prevents a collision from happening by sounding an alarm if there are potential risks. It also has additional safety features such as a man-overboard tracking function.

Boat Beacon also extends its safety features by allowing family and friends to track the location of your boat via its free sister app called Boat Watch.


One of the most helpful boating apps to try is the Marine Rescue by Alive Mobile. To use this app, you need to log your boat and trailer details, ETD and ETA, then leave the contact details and info of a contact person ashore. In any case, you don’t arrive at the expected time, they’ll contact you and can send a rescue team.

This app also provides a pre-departure checklist and procedures for sending out distress and emergency messages at sea. There’s also a button to call an emergency hotline directly and get help.

Boating is among the activities you can easily enjoy and fall in love with. However, with the many things to learn and consider, it can be a little tricky and daunting. To fully enjoy a boating trip, there are over a hundred boating apps that can make you navigate with ease, update you on weather forecasts or provide help when in trouble. Reroute your priorities by installing a couple of these apps, because an easy and worry-free boating trip is just one download away.



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