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Australia is a haven for any angler to fish in. There are tons of great fishing destinations where you can chase all the best sport fishing targets. It’s also well known for its very rich coastline. Name it, and Australia has it.

The southern part of Australia has excellent fishing spots with fish dwelling in cold waters. If you’re looking for fish that live in tropical waters, there’s always the Top End and the world’s largest reefs. Meanwhile, anglers who love rock, flats and beach fishing have lots of options to choose from as there are plenty of destinations for those fishing techniques.

If you’re a freshwater angler, there are also lots of rivers, lakes and streams to go to. If you’re a big-game angler, you can chase Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Tuna and Marlin to your heart’s content in the blue waters along the coast. But, where exactly are the best fishing destinations in Australia? Here are a few suggestions for you to check out.


The Top End, which encompasses Darwin to Kakadu National Park, is a great spot to chase Barramundi. From October up until December, you can find a lot of Barramundi as they build up in saltwater estuaries and billabongs just before the monsoon rains arrive. By February to May, these fish run off to the river mouths, which means you can expect to find a lot of Barra in Adelaide River, Daly River and Mary River located in Shady Camp.

But, the Top End doesn’t just boast of Barra fishing, you can also catch other species from May up until November if you go reef and deep sea fishing. Now if you want to fish by boat, you can go to East Alligator River and Kakadu National Park.


If you’re into lake fishing, the Central Highlands in Tasmania is a great destination, especially if you’re chasing Trout. Rainbow and Wild Brown Trout are favourites among experienced anglers because these fishes are always a real challenge. Arthurs Lake, which is a great Brown Trout fishing spot, is the best option to give the challenge a go from August until May.


If you’re an angler who also loves to go on adventures, then Cape York is the best destination. This place is only accessible to 4-wheel drive vehicles due to the rough terrain. Enjoy the pristine beaches and uninhabited islands while taking a break from fishing.

Also, Cape York is a haven for anglers who love to chase Tuna, Giant Trevally, King Salmon, Mackerel, Queenfish, Cobia and even Barramundi. If you don’t want to drive all day, there’s an option to fly to Bamaga or Weipa and stay at a fishing lodge. You can also book a boat trip if you feel like it. Just a heads up, watch out for the saltwater crocodiles (it’s the Outback after all) lurking in the area.


Gippsland is among the favourite fishing destinations in Victoria. It’s only a few hour’s drive from Melbourne and is home to many empty beaches, rivers, coastal lakes and rivers. If you love chasing Australian Bass, Brown and Rainbow Trout, Redfin, Silver Trevally, Australian Salmon, Bream and Snapper, this is your destination of choice. Some places to keep in mind are Ninety Mile Beach, Avon River and Blue Rock Lake.


This destination is pretty popular because it’s the home of the NSW Interclub Tournament – the biggest game fishing tournament in the southern hemisphere.

The famous fishing hot spot Port Stephens is just a couple of hour’s drive from Sydney. If you want to chase Kingfish, Mulloway, Tailor, Luderick, Bream, Sand Whiting and Snapper, then this place is the most logical choice. Just make sure not to fish in the designated sanctuary zones.

So, that’s it. These are my five of the most recommended fishing destinations across and around Australia. The next time you plan a fishing trip, make sure to consider going to any of these destinations for a new fishing adventure.


Do you have any destinations that you think should be on this list? Share your thoughts through the comments section below.

Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.