Western Australian Outback


Camping in Western Australia will give you a taste of the Australian outback. As the largest state in the country, there are vast open spaces filled with abundant wildlife. This is definitely the place to be if you want to experience the great outdoors. To get those travel juices flowing, here are some of my favourite camping spots in Western Australia.


Karijini National Park is one of the most famous attractions in Western Australia. It’s 1,400km north of Perth, but you won’t regret going all the way to see the second largest national park in the state.

When camping in Karijini, you’ll see a vast area of unspoiled nature. You’ll also get to enjoy a Western Australian outback experience. The national park has stunning landscapes —hidden creeks, deep gorges, ancient chasms and small waterfalls. There are several hiking trails and lookout points of varying levels so that everyone can enjoy the views. You can also swim and paddle through the waterways.


Located 1,105km north of Perth, Cape Range National Park is a nature lover’s paradise. Camping here provides you with breathtaking views of rugged limestone ranges, massive canyons and pristine beaches. You’ll also see a variety of animals, including birds, emus, lizards, red kangaroos, wallabies and dingoes. Likewise, there’s an abundance of flora in the national park.

After you’ve gone on hiking or bushwalking to see spectacular canyon views, you can head to the adjacent Ningaloo Marine Park for some beach camping. Water-themed activities in the area include swimming, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, diving and kayaking.


You’ll have to travel 3,109km north of Perth to camp in the Purnululu National Park. It’s a World Heritage site that’s home to the Bungle Bungle Range of the Kimberly region. The beehive-like domes in the range is a sight to behold as it has elevations as high as 1,896ft. It was frequently used by indigenous people but was only discovered by the outside world in 1983. You can take a helicopter tour or 4WD safari to see the national park in its entirety.

As for camping, staying overnight in the national park will give you a memorable outback adventure. You can explore the gorges and chasms in the area. At night, there’s nothing like camping under the stars.


One of the most enjoyable camping spots in Western Australia is Lane Poole Reserve, which is only 116km south of Perth. Though it’s significantly closer, that doesn’t mean that this camping destination is any less spectacular. Since it’s only two hours away, a lot of Western Australians go camping in the area.

You’ll see valley slopes, woodlands, abundant wildlife, rock pools, rapids and waterfalls. With all these attractions, you’ll be able to engage in a lot of different activities such as bushwalking, picnicking, swimming, fishing, canoeing and rafting.


The outback experience isn’t the only camping experience you can get in Western Australia. The state is also home to a lot of beautiful beach camping spots. One such example is the D’Entrecasteaux National Park, which is 380km south of Perth. It’ll take about five hours of travel time. You can camp along the southern coastline and enjoy white beaches as well as views of coastal cliffs, giant rock columns and dense forests. There are a lot of campsites in the area, including the ones that will provide you with a glamping experience.

The vastness of Western Australia means that there are so many areas waiting to be explored. Aside from getting to experience a little bit of the Australian outback, visiting these top-rated camping spots in Western Australia can also be a learning experience. You’ll discover more about the indigenous culture as well as come into contact with places with historical significance.



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