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Canberra is known as the bush capital of Australia. You’ll be able to have a quintessential Australian camping experience as the Australian Capital Territory is surrounded by forested mountains and filled with unspoiled natural beauty. Camping in Canberra and its surrounding areas is ideal for those who want a rough but enjoyable experience. Here are some of the best camping spots in Canberra and surrounds.


Cotter Campground can be found on the banks of the picturesque Cotter River. It’s located 22km west of Canberra. This campsite is one of the most popular destinations because it delivers an authentic bushland camping experience. However, the area is highly serviced so campers can still maintain some level of comfort. Amenities offered include drinking water, BBQs, toilets, hot showers, picnic areas and wood fireplace. You’ll have to bring your own firewood, though.

Cotter Campground is close to the Cotter Avenue Recreation Area so there are a lot of activities such as swimming, canoeing, fishing, bushwalking, picnicking and cycling. The area is also close to Cotter Dam, Casuarina Sands Reserve and Brindabella Mountains.


If you’re looking for unique camping spots in Canberra, this is one of them. Honeysuckle Campground is located in Namadgi National Park, which is 40km southwest of Canberra. The campsite used to be a space-tracking station that was dismantled in 1981. The area is notable because it was the first to receive images of the Apollo 11 mission and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

There are cycling, hiking and swimming in Honeysuckle Campground. Campers can also explore the many walking trails and lookout points. Since it’s in the vicinity of Namadgi National Park, you’ll be able to admire snow gum woodlands, subalpine slopes, alpine meadows and Australian native animals. Amenities offered include drinking water, BBQs, picnic areas and wood fireplace.


Woods Reserve is located on the banks of the beautiful Gibraltar Creek, which is 30km southwest of Canberra. The spacious campground is near Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Amenities offered include picnic areas, BBQs, wood fireplace, toilets and hot showers. Campers will have to bring drinking water and firewood.

In this dog-friendly campsite, you can go cycling, take scenic drives, explore walking trails and go fishing. It’s only a short walk to Gibraltar Falls. There is a viewing platform so you can admire the upper tiers of the waterfalls. Woods Reserve is also near Corin Forest Park and Corin Dam.


Micalong Creek Reserve is located in Wee Jasper, which is already on the border of New South Wales, but the campground is only 1.5 hours from Canberra. Micalong Creek Reserve is a beautiful camping destination with idyllic landscapes. There are a lot of activities in the dog-friendly area such as canoeing, cycling, fishing and swimming. Amenities offered include cold showers, toilets, wood fireplace and picnic areas. Campers will have to bring drinking water and firewood.


Long Gully Campground, located in Budawang National Park, is another campground that’s already on the border of New South Wales. It’s about a 2.5-hour journey from Canberra. However, if you’re after a rugged camping experience, it’ll be worth it. The remote and wild campsite has no amenities, so campers have to be self-sufficient. Despite the challenging conditions, you’ll be able to explore and admire dense bush, deep gullies, stunning waterfalls and a spectacular view of Budawang Ranges. You can also go canoeing, cycling, fishing and swimming in the area.

These five camping spots in Canberra and surrounds will provide campers with an authentic outdoor experience. You’ll be able to unplug from your everyday life and get back in touch with nature for the duration of your camping trip. While doing so, you’ll be surrounded by the rugged but beautiful landscapes of the Australian Capital Territory.



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