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An electric trolling motor is an excellent addition for any fishing boat or other vessel. It’s a very low-maintenance piece of machinery, but still needs special attention to ensure it works correctly. If you don’t perform regular maintenance, your trolling motor won’t last as long as it should. You’ll wind up spending cash to repair it or worse, need to buy a new one. Here are some tips to practice and things to check regularly to make sure your trolling motor lasts the distance when you are cleaning your boat.


Ensuring that the trolling motor doesn’t have weeds entangled or dirt stuck between moving parts, will make sure that it runs smoothly. When washing your trolling motor, ensure it is properly fitted to the boat so that it won’t fall. Use a mild soap solution when washing the exterior. Make sure to clear any dirt stuck in the moving parts of the unit. After cleaning, let the unit dry and then check for signs of wear and tear or damage.


Propeller inspection is an integral part of trolling motor maintenance. Propellers are generally very durable, but they’re not indestructible and can still be damaged.

If your propeller gets nicked or scratched, you can use sandpaper to smoothen rough edges and reduce interference. Keep in mind that wear and tear can adversely affect how a trolling motor propeller performs. If there’s significant propeller damage, replacing it will be your best option.

When inspecting the propeller for entanglements, start by removing the propeller. Make sure you are following the instructions in the manual. Carefully store all loose parts, washers, prop nuts and drive pins so that you can reassemble with ease. The drive shaft must be checked and entangled weeds and fishing line must be removed.


Checking the electric wiring and battery of your trolling motor regularly is also a must. If there is any damaged wiring, replace it immediately. Replacing unravelled electrical tape is also important. Check all the connections and ensure they’re not corroded and are properly secured.

Another thing to note is that the battery of your trolling motor should be regularly charged even when not in use. If your battery is not regularly charged, the overall lifespan will be reduced and the battery won’t be able to hold a full charge. Make sure to inspect the terminals of the battery and clean them with a battery wire brush.

Always be careful when handling batteries making sure to wear gloves and safety goggles.

Keeping your trolling motor in tip-top shape doesn’t require a lot of effort. The reward is a motor that will provides years of use.


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