Jelly Worms


In my time on the water, I have seen and done a lot of things. I have been caught short and run out of bait and had to improvise many times, sometimes using centipedes or millipedes or anything else I can get my hands on that I think a fish might snap at.

But when I met up with a few fisho mates recently, we got talking about the weirdest things we had used as bait and I found that my tales paled in comparison to theirs.

Before I give you the list, I have to add the disclaimer that I do not endorse using anything as bait that is not 100% biodegradable and will not harm the fish and its surrounding ecosystem. As far as I’m concerned, there is enough rubbish in our rivers, estuaries and lakes and as fishos, we shouldn’t be adding to it.


As the fisho equivalent of an old wives tale, I am told that unscented, homemade soap can do wonders for luring in Flathead and other bottom feeders.


I didn’t get a chance to ask my mate exactly what species he was targeting with sweetcorn. I can only assume that due to the bright yellow colour, that it will be a visual hunter which needs something to stand out and grab its attention.


Using the eye of one of your catch is supposedly a good method of taking Perch. In the US, I believe manufacturers have even started making eyeball lures. Not sure if they will catch on but an interesting thing to try.


A mate of mine shared a story where he went fishing for Dusky Flathead using corned beef as bait and came back with a 54cm whopper. Apparently, his grandad used to fish with corned beef so if the fish aren’t biting he keeps a tin in his car to try as a last resort.


They have the same shape as a lure and must give off a pretty strong scent, so I wasn’t too surprised to hear that some fishos use these to fish with. I bet the fish like them more than we do.


I met a guy once in northern Western Australia who swore that Snapper went mad for emu meat, although I can’t say I’ve tried it.


Another mate around the table told a story of how he spotted a dead snake near his favourite Cod fishing spot. Out of curiosity he hooked a piece of it onto his second rod and lo and behold, it landed a Cod.


Wouldn’t use them myself as I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to throw one of these in our rivers. But if you want to see someone catch Bass using a cigarette butt, there are videos out there.


I have heard of several fishos using old dog and cat food pellets as berley. On a fishing trip a few years back, I remember getting a bit squiffy before going fishing and using cat food as berley. All I can say is the Bream seemed to hang around for it.


Can’t be bothered to go to the tackle shop to get some more soft plastics, Try some gummy worms. Apparently Bass have a penchant for sweets.

Next time you head out, why not get a bit creative and see what you can use for bait? It’s all a good bit of fun and makes for a good story.


What is the weirdest thing you have used or heard of someone using as bait? Let us know in the comments section below.

John Steele
John Steele

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