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If you are wondering why those who go fishing do and what they get out of it, asking them won’t really help you understand. You don’t have to become a mad fishing addict to enjoy fishing either. The only way to enjoy fishing is to try it. This is another contribution I wrote from near home after visiting one of my favourite tackle stores where I watched some new newbies wondering whether they should make the initial investment.


Go with others and borrow their gear a couple of times and then get your own
If you don’t want to go with others, you will have to get your own
There is a limit to borrowing fishing gear and 3 times is generally over the limit

Here is a good honest look at the benefits of fishing. Sounds like a rhetorical question, but when you dig (or cast) deeper, you realise that there are actually a host of significant benefits that the simple act of fishing offers.


Life never gets any less stressful. Spending a day or a weekend angling on a cool mountain stream or a little pond is a great way of releasing built up stress. Few things are more satisfying than being one with nature on a lake with trees all around. It’s a time when you simply cannot think of your “to-do” list.


A fishing trip is a matchless way to build your bonds with friends, family or associates. Regardless of whether you’re a mentor, learner or partner in fishing, this is an unmissable opportunity to make lifelong friends. There is something about being on a boat with someone for a long stretch, to the point that speech becomes pointless.


Fun, recreation, you name it, fishing is all of it! It’s by no means an easy job—they say that if fishing was any easier, more people would take up golf. However, landing a sharp trout with a hand-tied fly is so satisfying that you completely forget your routine chores.


The pleasure of pursuing and outwitting an elusive Trout fulfills our most basic hunting desires. There is no greater boost to your self-esteem than catching and holding up a three-foot monster. Once you get hooked to the pleasure of fishing and mastering the outdoors, you take a huge step towards your personal goals. Fishing is a skill for a lifetime for the young or the old. Selecting a steadfast jigging rod, putting together a tackle box with the right stuff, or installing a bow motor are no trivial tasks either.


Fishing gives you such a feel of the outdoors that you could write a book on the places, seas, lakes, surroundings, adventures and amazing things that you experience. Jumping turtles, attacking sharks, dolphins on a feeding frenzy, sting rays, birds swooping down on massive schools of slow moving fish – anything can happen.


There’s no need to remind you that fish are low in cholesterol and high in protein. A regular diet of fish keeps your brain and heart functioning like high power motor boats. Plus, catching a meal worth of fish is a lot more challenging than sauntering down a supermarket aisle collecting cans in a cart. When you catch fish you can eat fish! Most casual fishing “enthusiasts” eat their fish.


Going fishing means you get and go out. You breathe fresh air. You get active. Without realising you are exercising and enjoying it. There is nothing quite like fresh sea air for your lungs and heart. You name it, going fishing is simply better for your health.


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Bill Matthews

Bill is as green friendly as they come. He's travelled the world, loves kayak fishing and camping.