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There are few smells worse than cat urine. They may look like angelic bundles of fluff, but their urine is purely demonic. No wonder they cover it up in their litter tray, if my body produced something that smelt like that, I would want to keep quiet about it too. Cleaning it isn’t easy either. Just when you think the smell is going, the water reactivates it and your nasal passages are assaulted once more. For these reasons, as soon as my cat mistook the carpet for a toilet, I wanted to nip it in the bud and prevent it becoming a habit.

It doesn’t take long to teach cats where to go to the toilet. They are clean animals themselves and they don’t want to be living with their pee all over the place. Kittens will pee anywhere because they don’t know anything else. Just place them in the litter tray and they will still learn.

Random peeing in strange places can mean that a cat is nervous and needs a little love. If they are peeing around the house and they are not cats that leave the house to go to the toilet, the most common reasons behind why they are doing this is related to what their carers are doing wrong. So before you go blaming the cat, have a good look at these points.


Before you start blaming the cat for making a mess, check that they actually have a clean litter tray. If you don’t regularly clean their tray, it is no surprise they don’t want to use it. I wouldn’t want to use a toilet that hadn’t been flushed in days, so how can you blame them? If you aren’t able to clean the litter tray once a day, buy another litter tray so your feline still has somewhere to empty its bladder in the meantime because cats, no matter what breed, are fussy about being clean and cannot stand using a dirty litter tray.


Your cat might be peeing all over the house because it doesn’t like its litter box. This could be because it is enclosed, or because the sides are too high for it to easily step over, or because the brand you are buying is overly perfumed and the cat doesn’t like the smell. Try an unscented litter with activated charcoal. That way it won’t smell off putting to your cat.

Consider the location as well. Make sure it is easily accessible, no matter where your cat is in the house. I have heard of cats just being too lazy to walk downstairs to use a litter box and the owners having to put one on every floor. It could also be that the try is not in a private enough location.


If you have just put your cat through the torture of being declawed, this is definitely the reason why they are not using a litter box. After declawing procedures, their paws remain tender, and scratching the litter to bury their urine will be extremely painful. What else would you expect? What could you do with your hands if you just had all your nails ripped off. Don’t expect your cat to be digging around in the kitty litter try the cat will just urinate in an alternate location.


Spraying is different to peeing. If there isn’t an actual puddle of urine, but just a damp patch and a pungent smell, your cat might just have sprayed. Male cats spray to mark out their territory and it is usually on a vertical surface instead of a flat horizontal surface. Spaying or neutering your cat will stop this, and is the only way to stop this. If you have a male cat with testicles, there is little else you can expect.


Whether your cat is urinating or spraying, it is essential to really clean the area thoroughly. If they can still smell the scent of urine, they will begin to consider that area as an acceptable place to urinate and a habit will form. Use an enzymatic cleaner or bleach to get rid of the odour.

Teach your cat where peeing is acceptable, give them privacy, keep it clean and you won’t have any problems. Cats are cleaner than most humans I know.


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