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Whether you’re fishing in small bays, heading offshore for big game targets or trolling the coastal flats, saltwater fishing is a satisfying activity for all levels of anglers. There are a wide variety of boats to choose from. Here’s a quick look at which fishing boat is best for the different types of saltwater fishing.


• Center Console: Ideal for offshore fishing because of its seaworthiness and large open deck.

• All-Purpose Fishing Boats: A versatile boat that can be used for any saltwater fishing activity and watersports. It usually has an electric trolling motor for trolling purposes.

• Walkaround: A great choice if you want to go fishing and cruising at the same time. Decks of walkaround boats are very accessible, hence the name.

• Sport fishing boat: If you plan to go deep water fishing, a sport fishing boat is your boat of choice. Sport fishing boats often come with a tower, outriggers for extending your fishing line, fighting chairs and even freezers.

• Cuddy Cabin: Cuddies have a small enclosed cabin you can use for sleeping or just to escape the sun. They can be used for offshore fishing and cruising, as well.

• Deck Boats: As the name suggests, this boat has a large deck ideal for offshore fishing and watersports.

• Flat Boats: Flat boats are ideal for fishing in coastal areas because it can reach areas where bigger boats can’t. It is also a low-cost and low-maintenance boat.

• Cabin Cruisers: If you’ve got the money, cabin cruisers are the best boats to use when going offshore or deepwater fishing. It’s complete with amenities from kitchen space, sleeping accommodations to toilets.

• Multi-Hull Powerboats: This boat is great for offshore fishing. Multi-hull powerboats offer the smoothest ride among small-sized saltwater fishing boats.


It’s also important to consider these points…

• Boats should be made of 316-grade stainless steel. It’s the most corrosion-resistant grade of steel used for boats. Anything less than that and you can expect your boat to turn into a pile of crusty junk within a few seasons.

• Fuel capacity and therefore the range of the boat are important factors to choice.

• Fishing boats should always have rod holders, especially those who love to troll. Flush-mounts are your best choice. The holders must be made of stainless-steel or aluminium, and stay away from plastic rod holders as these aren’t durable.

• A fishing boat needs to be able to handle all the extra abuse since anglers are known to push their boats harder and further than non-fishing owners.

• A fishing boat should also have the right hull design. Make sure the boat you’ll choose is designed perfectly for the type of saltwater fishing you want to do. Offshore anglers, anglers who like to make long runs in all conditions and trollers need a deep V or a powercat. If you wish to fish in flats and bays, you’ll be better served by a semi V.

The important thing about choosing the right saltwater fishing boat is to determine first what type of saltwater fishing you’ll be aiming for. The guide above should give you a start to narrowing down your choice.


What boat do you have and what were the reasons behind buying it? Share your experience below.

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