RV camping


If you are planning to travel around Australia in a motorhome or with a caravan, you can greatly reduce the cost of your experience by making sure you are as self-sufficient as possible.

Being self-sufficient when travelling around Australia means you can carry plenty of drinking waters, have enough refrigeration, enough battery power to run your devices and enough solar power to keep your batteries well charged.

Being self-sufficient means you can stay in low-cost and no-cost camping sites. This will save you a lot of money, especially if you are planning a longer distance trip. While there are numerous camping sites and camping grounds available, it is quite easy to spend a lot of money to cover camping fees for a week at a time. We’ve even known some people to pay nearly the same amount as renting a house for the family. Even if a camping site only costs $50 per night per family, you can see that those costs will build up fast.

There is no right or wrong way to plan your trip around Australia. However, if you are going for the long term, I think it is only wise to invest in some essential equipment that will allow you to camp anywhere you like. This means you have the option to greatly reduce costs and still live with the comforts we all want after a while on the road.

Most families we have met on the highways do a combination of both but obviously, those who are set up like us, tend to only stop in at camping sites when they are making a pitstop. For example, when we want to do a bunch of washing and a thorough cleanout, we will stay at a fully powered campsite. The rest of the time we camp without paying fees because we are pretty much self-sufficient with our 4WD and caravan setup.

These are the basics we have set up and we consider ourselves pretty much self-sufficient:

• 3 X 100Ah batteries in the caravan
• 1 X portable toilet (outside of our caravan)
• 1 X portable shower and ensuite (outside of our caravan)
• 1 X 200w solar panels for the caravan
• 1 X 120 litre fridge for the caravan
• 1 X 100 litre water tank in the caravan with two spare jerry cans
• 1 X 60w solar panel for the 4WD
• 1 X additional deep cycle battery for our 4WD
• 1 X long range fuel tank for our 4WD
• 1 X 800 watt generator

This gives us the ability to go and stay just about anywhere we want with 2 kids. Some of these additions are a little expensive at the beginning but you will soon save them back by being able to reduce the cost of camping sites because you are self-sufficient like us.


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Suzy T

From camping to fishing, to trekking and touring around Australia for lengthy periods of time, Suzy lives it. She also has a passion for pets. Now she is sharing her experiences.