camping in snow


Just because it is winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a camping holiday. There are plenty of reasons to go camping in the colder months. I love the cold and as far as I am concerned, there is nowhere better than the Snowy Mountains to go camping unless I want to get away from winter by heading up north.

If you are looking to get your family and friends to join you on a trip camping during winter and you are looking for some reasons to convince them, try these few reasons I’ve put together. I hope you get your way.


In the top half of Australia, this might not apply as much as many of those from the southern regions of Australia will head north. It is a great time to get away from the colder weather in southern regions and there are generally fewer people about in the most popular of camping spots and national parks.

Campsites and camping grounds that are extremely popular during the summer months have more availability during the winter. You’ll avoid the summer holiday families and kids that pack out many of Australia’s beaches, especially during schoolies weeks.


Even dreaded flies go away during winter. Cooler weather causes many insects to go into something that is akin to a deep sleep. Another big bonus is that you don’t have to worry so much about snakes because many snakes go into hibernation during the winter. They will come out to warm themselves in the sun but there are definitely fewer snakes about.


Lighting a fire is very restricted across Australia. You will always have to check the local regulations but the chances that you are allowed to light a campfire during the winter months are much higher during winter. There’s nothing quite like having a campfire when you are camping.


Food is a good thing. Eating food helps to keep us warm in the colder months. You can eat what you want when you are camping in the cold because you will need it. I think food tastes better during winter too. There’s just so much more we want to eat, right?


Many camping grounds have different rates for different times of the year. They have their peak seasons and their off-peak rates. You will be able to find a better deal at camping grounds when you camp outside of school holidays and public holidays.


If you have ever stepped into a tent in the middle of Australia in the middle of summer, you will know what I am talking about. Tents get warm and there is little that can be done about it. I avoid stepping in a tent unless I really have to. I often end up sleeping under the stars during summer. Being inside a tent when it is cool is something I always love about camping in the winter.

Do you have any more reasons to go camping in the winter? Share them with everyone else in the comments section below.

Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.