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Just because Australia is a safe country, that doesn’t mean all the usual precautions shouldn’t be taken when travelling alone. You don’t have to worry about being shaken down by the police or a guerrilla war breaking out and you don’t have any immigration borders to cross. It’s a breeze to travel Australia.

I love travelling alone. Once I got used to it I’ve found it hard to travel for any extended period with other people because all the arrangements are such a hassle. You have to make arrangements for dinner, I mean, it is a very different experience travelling alone. It only takes a week or so of travelling alone and one soon becomes accustomed to doing exactly what one wants when one wants.

I’ve done a few weeks here and there, around North Queensland and most of Australia’s eastern coast. I love doing trips like this on my own. Here are some of my broad tips for Australians to get the most out of travelling around Australia solo. There is no need to let anyone hold you back.


If you are smart about it, flights are really cheap in Australia. I would never think about getting a bus for a longer distance. Those distances are huge and suck up so much of the time travelling. Buses are only good when you are looking for a regional solution. Booking ahead is the key to getting great deals on flights in Australia, as well as having a flexible itinerary so you can jump on offers when they pop up. I would even go with a train for the really long distances over a bus.

There is only so much looking out the window that is worthwhile. I always read suggestions on getting buses so that you can experience the country. Well, I’ve done it all and I totally disagree. There is so much that can be seen of a region over the last 50 minutes of any flight compared to hours upon hours of trees going by (if you are lucky).


Backpackers and hostels are a great way to meet other fellow travellers. Travelling alone isn’t about being alone it is about having the choice to do what you want without having to make arrangements with others. You can talk to others when you want and you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Take advantage of their free pickups from the airports. Most of them run shuttles because they want your business. Always take advantage of a free breakfast when it is included. Breakfast is a great time to meet people too.


If you want to get outdoors and try something different, you will be surprised at how many tours and the like exist. That’s another advantage of staying at hostels. The pricing is normally the best as well as pickups and dropoffs included. Want to try camping and fishing in the wilderness of the the far north? I bet you can find a tour for it.


Travel insurance isn’t just for when you are travelling overseas. It’s so easy to buy online. You can buy it for 3 months if you want. Simply select the coverage you need.


There is only so much that can be found out online. I say this from experience. You never really know what something is like until you go. I have done so many things that I never thought I would have and have enjoyed them thoroughly. It can be hard to find something that you are not looking for when you are searching online. That is not the case when you are there. Keep this in mind and keep some time spare because a holiday that is a schedule doesn’t allow for flexibility. I often see people who have booked something because they thought it was what they wanted to do but when they arrived they realised there were other things they wanted to do.

You will surprised what happens when you get out of your comfort zone. If you are anything like me you will have the time of your life and wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.


Do you have any suggestions for anyone who wants to go but is being held back by the fact that they think they have to go with others? Let us know through the comments section below.

Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.