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A decade or more ago, rock climbing was considered an extreme sport. That’s definitely not the case today. If you are someone who likes camping and hiking, having the skills to rock climb could come in more than very useful one day.

Rock climbing requires a lot of physical stamina as well as mental agility. If you want to get in shape, there is no better reason than you will need it for rock climbing. Learning to climb properly is also about getting yourself physically in shape. Just going to the gym is not enough. You will need to practice rock climbing to get those particular muscles in shape.

Thankfully, learning to rock climb is easy. Indoor rock climbing gyms are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn how to climb. The safe and controlled environment is a perfect place for children to learn. You can think about putting your skills to the test outdoors once you have mastered the basic skills.

For beginners, there are normally 2 types of climbing options.


The most common skill is called top-roping. This is where the rope goes above the attached climber to the top and back down to the belayer (the person at the bottom who holds the rope). It is called top-roping because you always have the rope above you when you climb.


The other common type of rock climbing is known as bouldering. This is where you learn the more intricate skills of rock climbing and it is a good idea to practice this one in the climbing gym. Bouldering is climbing the rock wall without any rope above you.


Getting a proper introduction to climbing is important. You’ll learn the most important skills of climbing. The most important skill of all is learning how to hold the climber’s rope and let it slip slowly through your hands so you can slow their descent, stopping a fall. This is known as ‘belaying’. The belayer uses a small device that uses friction to reduce the speed of the moving rope. When it is locked, it allows you to hold the weight of a falling climber with ease.

The belayer’s job is very important. They are the one that will save you in the case of a fall.

You should also learn how to attach yourself to the climbing rope. Generally speaking, attachments and a figure 8 knot are used.

Finally, learning how to communicate clearly is something else you will learn during any climbing introduction course. Climbers who don’t communicate properly are climbers that fall.

Whether you end up using your skills in the outdoors is another matter, I have found indoor rock climbing to be an achievement in itself. It’s great exercise and you’ll be much stronger than you look.


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