DIY fishing kayak


Be informed and save when you start-up. It’s really important to us at OnDECK to remind you that many people waste the most amount of money when they get started with fishing, camp fishing, hiking, kayak or canoe fishing, just to name a few outdoor lifestyles.

Kayak fishing is an awesome way to escape, enjoy a whole new environment where most don’t go and a whole new direction to take your fishing. Kayak fishing is everything from adventurous, peaceful, distant, calm, strategic and a great way to cleanse your mind.

Here are some very sensible ideas we’d like you to keep in mind if you are getting the itch to try kayak fishing.


Depending on where you are in Australia, different laws apply to getting on the water and what is required for kayaking/canoeing. Kayaks and canoes are still considered watercraft and could be subject to different regulations per state and/or territory. Safety requirements are definitely an issue you should make sure you know about. While not conclusive, here are some government websites for each state and others resources you might find helpful:



Kayak fishing tours are a great way to get the whole experience, get loads of advice and spend the least amount of money to find out if kayak fishing is for you. The majority of day tour providers also combine basic to advanced courses.


Like everything else, secondhand items are often less than 50% the cost of newer items. Look around the market for those who just have to have the latest equipment. When new models come out they often just want to offload their current model.


Shopping around often involves taking a look when you are passing by traders, browsing the web or comparing fishing and accessories websites. Always go with a reputable retailer you can rely on.


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Bill Matthews

Bill is as green friendly as they come. He's travelled the world, loves kayak fishing and camping.