Barramundi Caught On Fishing Lure And Line


Barramundi are one of the most top iconic Aussie sports fish. Barramundi are a catadromous fish that can live in freshwater, saltwater and estuaries.

There are numerous fishing lures that will help you be more efficient when fishing for Barramundi.

Check out some of the common fishing lures to help you catch more Barramundi.


Bomber lures is a brand of lures that offers a wide variety of lures that are excellent for casting at Barramundi. By design, Bomber lures are excellent at diving deep shallow waters and coming back smoothly on the retrieve slipping through potential tangles with ease.


Hardbody lures are excellent if you want to catch Barramundi. The ideal hardbody lure will have a slow floating movement and range from 7-10cm in length. Your hardbody lures must have the ability to dive sharply, as Bomber lures are known to. With so many hardbody lures on the market, choose the best brand names and purchase from a fishing tackle retailer with an excellent reputation.


Plastic fishing lures are great in catching Barramundi. Plastic fishing lures also come in a wide range of types. Look for plastic fishing lures that feature a steady kicking action which rolls slowly, but gives you more action.


Vibe lures have been more popular with many Aussie fishes for the past few years. They’re a hit especially if you’re chasing Barra in freshwater and saltwater. Vibe lures give you a plethora of options and can dive deep to help you chase Barrs.


Poppers give you some serious thrill and excitement. They’re one of the most aggressive types of surface lure that allows you to see when the fish takes the bite. Pausing on the retrieve is the key to using poppers while fishing for Barramundi. For example, give poppers multiple twitches, then give a pause.

Lure fishing is loads of fun and I prefer it over fishing with traditional baits any day. Once I started fishing on lures, I soon found out that lure fishing allows one as an angler to be more proactive and not having the mess and smell of traditional bait is dream come true. I love fishing but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy smelling like bait.


Is there anything missing? What can you add to this list from your experience?

Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.