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Canoeing is a great way to explore the great outdoors and sneak in some fishing. It’s also an adventurous and productive method to stalk fish. To ensure plenty of fun and fishing action, canoe outings require some preparation and foresight.

Here are six essential pieces of equipment that will help make your canoe expeditions a pleasant experience.


Rope is a simple but extremely handy canoeing accessory. It’s useful for temporarily anchoring on timber to fish a snag, or for securing the canoe to the bank while you stretch your legs and grab a feed.

Rope is also beneficial during portage between pools. The rope makes dragging or pulling the canoe through shallow water or over river stones much less awkward and arduous.


Don’t get caught up the creek without a paddle! Paddles are critical for propulsion and deliver the ultimate stealth approach. Most paddles float so that they don’t disappear overboard and they are typically tough and built to last. Always ensure that you have two on board as a backup, even when you have alternative propulsion.


Life jackets are a safety essential. Ensure that you carry appropriate Performance Level PFDs in the correct size for all passengers on board. Wearing them on the water is an even smarter idea. Inflatable varieties for adults are more comfortable and less restrictive for paddling and fishing.


A 12-volt deep cycle marine battery will add weight to your canoe set up but is an essential item for powering any electronics such as sounders, GPS, or electric motors. Assess the location that you intend to fish and whether or not a battery and electronics is a feasible option.


Transom mount electric motors are a worthwhile canoe accessory for motoring through large bodies of water or against current and wind. They also provide a welcome break from paddling. Ensure that you purchase a transom bracket to support the electric motor. Electric motors are quiet and efficient and will help to maintain the stealth approach.


Your rear end will thank you for this one. Do not board a canoe for an extended expedition unless you have the padding and support sorted. Staying seated on a hard plastic seat can disrupt your fishing experience and decrease the stability of a canoe as you shift your weight around to find a more comfortable position. Negate the issue by packing a cushion or foam padding for your seat.

Canoeing is an adventurous and enjoyable way to explore and fish, so jot down these simple but essential tips and you’ll be ready for a comfortable and productive experience on the water.


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Bill Matthews

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