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It’s lovely to have breakfast or brunch out, especially on a Sunday, however prices are getting kind of out of control in some parts and on top of that you might want to do it in your PJs rather than getting dressed up to go out. If you still want the café breakfast look and taste then here are some tips I’ve put together.


If you want your eggs Benedict to look as it does in a café then here’s how you go about it. Get a small bowl and put a layer of glad wrap over the top (not too tight). Brush the wrap with oil, add a little bit of butter then crack in the egg and season it with salt and pepper. Carefully pull the edges together and tie them into a knot. In a large saucepan get the water almost boiling and lower in the egg and cook for 12 minutes.


For great creamy scrambled eggs be sure to first coat the pan with butter or margarine and heat before you put the eggs in. Add some double cream and finely chopped chives to the egg mix in a bowl, then pour into the pan and only use a low heat and stir occasionally (not the whole time!). To top it off sprinkle some fresh finely cut herbs and salt and pepper.


Freshly made bread is the best, and there are a few different varieties that bring with them different tips. For a yeast-based bread, it’s recommended to warm up your ingredients before mixing them in and then requires a lot of kneading. On the other hand with quick bread, you shouldn’t do either of these things!

Bread doesn’t have to be only savoury though! Just as in your café there are a variety of pastries you could whip up an apple and cinnamon loaf, or a pumpkin spice one.


Talking about bread and eggs, how could we forget the popular brunch dish of French toast! Tip one is to use thick sliced bread, and when it is one day old. As you are cooking new slices keep the others warm in the oven. To finish you should sprinkle with a little fine sugar and be artistic with your syrup pattern.


If you’re going to go with fruit then you should squeeze it fresh and decorate the glass with a wedge. In the case of smoothies don’t just stick to the regular ingredients, instead, do something different as if you are a café owner trying to build buzz about your breakfast menu. For example mix together in a blender peanut butter, almond milk, banana, vanilla extract and Marie biscuits, then sprinkle a little biscuit crumb on the top to finish.

Of course, you’ll want to get some pictures to post and record your effort, but beware that people might be lining up at your door next weekend!


Do you have any breakfast cooking tips, Share your ideas below.

Madeleine Park

Madeleine is a real green thumb and spends most of her time outdoors in her garden if she is not outdoors somewhere else.