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Whether you’re hiking the Kokoda trail or camping with the kids in the sheltered confines of a caravan park, you’ll need a tent that’s appropriate for your demands. Thankfully, camping tents come in all shapes and sizes and incorporate a variety of features for any adventure or challenge.

Here is a quick guide to an assortment of common tent styles, features, and their typical applications.


Dome tents are the most versatile and popular choice for the majority of weekend, holiday, and festival campers. They are come in a range of sizes from small two-person tents to elaborate multi-room models. They are relatively quick and easy to assemble and the dome design provides strength and resilience to adverse weather conditions.

Dome tents suit a variety of budgets and camping applications.


Touring tents are fast to pitch and feature extremely durable solid frame designs. They are ideally suited to campers and travellers on extended journeys that involve frequent stops or short stays. Although they are designed for frequent use on long trips, they are equally at home on family camping adventures.

Touring tents offer durability and fast assembly.


Cabin tents are the big kahunas of the camping world. These tents offer proven designs that have withstood the test of time and are constructed from tough canvas and durable plastics. They are the preferred choice for extended family holidays or annual camping breaks due to their vertical walls and spacious designs. Cabin tents feature multiple rooms, extra height, and plenty of comfort features such as sunrooms and awnings.

Cabin tents provide a home environment for extended getaways.


Hiking tents are light, portable and durable. They are designed from lightweight materials that pack down into a compact format and stow into a backpack. Hiking tents are designed for fast and easy assembly to make life easier following an exhausting day trekking trails. These compact tents are also handy for touring adventures on motorcycles, bicycles, kayaks and canoes.

Hiking tents offer a lightweight and ultra-portable place to sleep.


Swags are the ultimate in comfort for expeditions off the beaten track. If you’re heading-bush, a canvas swag will provide warmth, cushioning, and weather protection in harsh terrain. They roll out in seconds and typically contain a mattress within. Swags are available in single or double configurations and stretcher legs can be incorporated for additional comfort, moisture proofing, and security above the ground.

Swags are a fast, easy, and comfortable option for expeditions in the outback.

If you’re in the market for a new tent, think carefully about the camping adventures that you plan to undertake. Choose the style and features for your primary needs and get yourself, your friends, and your family outdoors to explore.


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Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.