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Kayak fishermen know they want stability in their kayak so they can stand while they fish. Kayak fishing adverts always seem to have a picture where the fisherman is casting out or reeling in a huge fish while standing on his or her kayak. The reality is that this is not the case with all kayaks.

The design of the kayak, the water conditions, the skill of the kayak fisho and other factors come into play when fishing on your feet on the water while fishing from a kayak. The biggest variable is the skill of the fisherman.

Everyone is built differently and everyone has different levels of balance. Just because one person can stand on one particular kayak, that does not mean another person can. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider.


When standing on a kayak you need to learn to balance yourself from your ankles up (and not your knees up as many newbies find out the hard way). Thinner and shorter people have an easier time of standing on a kayak for the first time. For example, a beer gut can make it more difficult to balance on a kayak because weight distribution is everything.

Tip: fishing shoes make it easier to stand on a kayak because they give you the right kind of grip.


A wider kayak is always easier to stand on. This is because it is easier to balance yourself when your feet are as wide apart as your shoulders or more. Even if the kayak is much wider than the deck of the kayak, the kayak will be easier to stand on.


A kayak seat that is higher off the deck will be easier for you to keep your balance while you stand up or sit down. It’s not just standing you need to think about. You should also think about the skills needed to stand up and sit down from standing. Just like it is harder to get up from the floor than it is from a chair, it is easier to get up from a kayak seat that is higher off the kayak deck.


There is nothing like practising to do something well. We all know this and you should keep this in mind. Get used to standing on your kayak in stillwater until you build up your skills. No one wants to ruin a day’s fishing because they wanted to look like a kayak advertisement. You will have to save those selfies for later.


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Bill Matthews
Bill Matthews

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