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Spinnerbaits come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes and are one of the most effective lures in freshwater environments. They are extremely durable, can be customised and are very easy to use.

Here is a list of spinnerbait varieties to try next time you zip out to chase native freshwater fish.


Traditional spinnerbaits incorporate the standard bent wire design with one arm decorated in spinning spoons and one arm with a hook and skirt. Although traditional spinnerbaits feature a colourful rubber skirt affixed with elastic, many modern spinnerbait designs now incorporate plastic tails for enhanced action. Another common inclusion or upgrade is the addition of a stinger hook for improved hook-up rates.

Target species: Australia Bass, Yellowbelly, Murray Cod, Sooty Grunter, Silver Perch


Spinnerbaits are currently evolving to into multi-armed models. Additional arms may be adorned with spoons to offer more flash and noise, or the arms may feature additional hooks and plastics for increased opportunity for hook-ups.

The majority of these flamboyant developments are aimed at Murray cod. Cod don’t usually shy away from big, bold spinnerbaits and the additional flash, spin, or wriggle can be an advantage.

Target species: Murray Cod, Australian Bass


Buzzbaits are broadly similar to spinnerbaits but feature metal blades rather than spinning spoons. Buzzbaits are designed for surface fishing and the propeller-like blade action churns the water with noise and bubbles.

Buzzbaits are relatively snag and weed resistant. They’re a great option for fishing across shallow weed beds when other lure options aren’t viable. Buzzbaits are an exciting and effective topwater lure option.

Target species: Australian Bass, Barramundi, Murray Cod


Chatterbaits combine the profile of a jig and the flash of a spinnerbait with an enticing and intense vibration. Chatterbaits comprise of a vibrating metal blade and skirted hook that can be worked in a similar manner to a jig. This makes chatterbaits extremely versatile as they can be worked shallow or deep. They can also be rigged with plastic tails.

Target species: Australian Bass, Murray Cod


Beetle spins are a simple, self-assembled version of a spinnerbait. They’re also known as Betts spinners or jig spinners. Beetle spins are extremely effective on smaller native species that could be spooked by large traditional spinnerbaits. They’re a great choice for smaller freshwater streams.

Beetle spins comprise of a metal wire with a single Colorado spoon and a jig attachment point. You get to tailor the jig size and plastic for different depths and species. Small grub plastics on 1/8 ounce jig heads are a good general combination.

Target species: Australian Bass, Sooty Grunter, Yellowbelly, Jungle Perch

Spinnerbaits are a strange but killer lure option for native freshwater fish. They draw high impact strikes and are excellent for probing heavy structure or searching large bodies of water at various depths. Spinnerbaits are easy to use lures with proven performance. Make sure you’re armed with a stash on your next freshwater adventure.


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Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.