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When my father passed away I was left with an old camper and the task of selling it. With such a variety of routes to take for selling your used camper or RV, I wasn’t sure what to do. The easiest way is to go to a dealer and let them take it off my hands, but it’s much more profitable to sell it on your own. Make sure you are honest about the condition it is in and give it a good clean and sprucing up. I advertised in several places and after a few weeks was able to find a buyer.


Take a look at websites like Trade RV and get an idea of what sort of price your specific model and year is going for. Good brands kept in good condition often hold their value and models with lots of added extras like heaters and solar systems, can sell used for more than their new price. This is also a good place to advertise to national buyers across Australia.


If your local shop has a community notice board, ask if you can put a sign up there. Include a picture to attract interest. This is a great way to advertise because it’s often free or just a couple of bucks. Also, if a local buys it you don’t need to worry about the headache of transporting it.


Craigslist is also a free way to advertise and many people browse its selling pages idly looking for good deals. Try and be as specific as possible about the spec and features and include a phone number or alternate contact information if you don’t want to have to check your emails several times a day.


It is still often a cheap form of advertising. You usually have to pay per word or per line, so keep your description direct and brief. This has the advantage of reaching a lot of local people quickly, so again, you won’t have a huge hassle of transporting the RV across country. In the newspaper, you don’t need to include all the spec, simply leave a contact number and encourage people to call if they want more information.


Ebay has a selection of campers and motorhomes available and their listing costs are reasonable. You need to be incredibly specific in the description and submit a few photos to attract buyers in this competitive marketplace. The only downside with Ebay is that often the buyers are located some distance away and it can be a real problem organising the transportation with the buyer. I asked for the buyer to collect only, but then this limited potential buyers to the local areas.


The dealership was the looming, last resort. You know the dealer needs to make a profit on the camper so you won’t get the best price for it. But it does have the added advantage of being an instant sale. I set myself a time limit of one month. If I hadn’t sold it by one month I would take it to the dealer. It is certainly a useful last resort, but shouldn’t be the first point of call.


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Mike G
Mike G

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