You will only have to run out of fuel or get close to running out of fuel once in your 4WD and really understand the value that long range fuel tanks offer. Long range fuel tanks allow your vehicle to hold a whole lot more fuel and that means you can drive a lot further before seeing the next station.

The other big advantage is that you can take advantage of low fuel prices when prices are low and abstain from purchasing when prices are high. This applies whether you are 4WD camping or not. When I see record low prices I fill up and get the most out of those rock bottom prices even when I am only using my 4WD to take the kids to footy practice and to school.

It is also important to remember that fuel prices rise sharply as soon as you get out of metropolitan areas. A long range fuel tank can save you a lot of money over the long run, and that means a long range fuel tank ends up paying for itself before too long. As far as I am concerned, you can’t really go wrong.


Generally speaking, there are 2 types of long range fuel tanks for 4WDs. There are long range fuel tanks that replace the existing fuel tank and there is the auxiliary long range fuel tank that is an addition.

I am partial to an auxiliary long range fuel tank because I don’t like to have all my eggs in one basket. If you damage one tank, you know you won’t lose all your fuel. That being said, every vehicle is different and either of the basic 2 types of long range fuel tank may be suitable for your needs. Here is a look at the main issues to think about when it comes to installing a long range fuel tank on your 4WD…


It is important to maintain sufficient ground-clearance after installing your long range fuel tank. Long range fuel tanks that replace your existing tank are much larger. There is nothing worse than finding out your tank has significantly reduced your ground-clearance.


A body lift is a solution with a larger tank that would result in reduced ground clearance. It is a big decision but could be worth it if you really want that extra fuel capacity for your vehicle. Body lift kits are spacers that go between the chassis and the body sections of your vehicle to give your vehicle extra ground clearance.


Different long range fuel tanks offer different shapes. This is particularly with an auxiliary tank being mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Some auxiliary tanks offer a better departure angle than others while still allowing you to add substantial fuel capacity to your vehicle.


I highly recommend investing in a solid bash plate for any fuel tank, especially when you are investing in a bigger long range fuel tank. It is a really good idea to have bash plates protecting as much of your vehicle as possible. Most 4WDs come with an engine bash plate. I like to make sure mine is really beefed up.

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Bill Matthews

Bill is as green friendly as they come. He's travelled the world, loves kayak fishing and camping.