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If you are already a fisho, it’s great to know that your fishing techniques and fishing gear generally apply to kayak fishing. Now you need to get some extra gear to get you out on the water. There isn’t really a lot to it, but it pays to know what you are looking for. Take a look at our Quick Guide to Kayak Fishing Gear.


Take a look at our Quick Guide on the topic. We highly recommend you have a good look at what type of kayak fishing you are interested in and then choosing the most appropriate kayak.

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A great paddle is something you really need. Take a look at our Quick Guide on the topic. We also recommend you get a backup paddle. Extendable paddles are great because they don’t take up much space when not in use.

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Kayak fishing is fun and relatively safe but mishaps do happen. Personal floatation devices are mandatory just about everywhere. There are basic block styles which don’t require any maintenance and then there are more advanced models. Take a look at our Quick Guide on the subject.

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It’s hard work holding your fishing rod or trying to keep it under control without a rod holder. Dedicated fishing kayaks generally have all the small extra accessories you will want. These include a crate to keep your gear, a power pole or anchor, pulleys and rope, paddle grips and a flag so that others can easily see you out on the water.


Electric trolling motors are a big part of why kayak fishing has become so popular. Some electric trolling motors have a remote control so you can even keep your position while you are fishing. Electric trolling motors are super quiet and basically maintenance free. Watersnake has just released a revolutionary new kayak mount bracket, which has made it incredibly easy to attach (and release) a kayak electric trolling motor to just about any kayak. It is important to check your state’s regulations regarding the use of a motor on your kayak as you may have some extra requirements.


Most people transport their kayak on the roof of their car or in a trailer or on the back of a ute, depending on what type of kayak they have. 8 feet of length is recommended if you are considering carrying your kayak in the back of a ute or 4WD. Tray extenders for kayaks are available. Specialised roof racks are available if you are considering transporting your kayak on the roof of your car. Cheaper kayaks are often much heavier and don’t suit the roof of a car. Lightweight trailers are also available if you want to tow your kayak. They are actually very convenient if you do not have a tray to place your kayak.

Obviously, there are an endless number of kayak fishing accessories those who have been kayak fishing for a number of years just have to have as they are released and the sport continues to grow in popularity. The above will put you in good stead for your first kayak fishing adventure.


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