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No matter how you like your coffee, there’s nothing like a great brew in the morning and when you get back to your campsite. I love my coffee so thick you can spoon it. Camp coffee can taste as best as the best coffee machine at home or in the coffee shop, well nearly. I think of myself as a little bit of a connoisseur, and I know that is not true. Still, there are a few tricks to making sure you have a great coffee when you are camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Before we get to coffee, having good water is the start of a good coffee. I like to purify my water a few times and store it before I even think about making a coffee. I always boil my water separately at least once before boiling it again to make a great coffee. You can’t blame dirty water for a bad coffee.


A French press using ground coffee is a great way to have a great tasting coffee when you are camping or fishing. As far as I am concerned, it is the best way to have a coffee that’s a close as tasting as good as you make at home, especially if that’s the way you make it there.

A decent Fresh press uses glass that isn’t very easy to break, which makes them perfect for taking with you on an adventure. Simply choose the size you want. You really to drink a coffee right after it has been made with one of these. Have your hot water ready and beans grounds in a bag and pour hot water from your thermos as required if you are not boiling water at the time.


Okay, so I love these too. These got right onto direct heat, you can even put them directly on hot coals. They are really close to the way you get coffee out of a proper coffee machine because the coffee grounds are under pressure. You need to supply heat with these and you’ll get about 2 cups of really good coffee. I like to pack my coffee in tight because I love it so thick. You can manage the strength of the coffee by how hard you pack it.

Get ready when making a coffee with one of these because it doesn’t take long but leave it there too long and you’ll have a burnt taste all through your coffee.


If you like to boil your grounds in water, an enamel pot is the best way to go. Enamel pots don’t give off any flavour when boiling water. So even if you are using one to boil water for your French press, they are still the best choice. Enamelware is simply the best for eating and drinking whenever you are outdoors.

If you are boiling your grounds, use a medium heat and watch the water closely. Once you start to see small bubbles and you are getting steam you know you are well on the way to a good coffee. Some people say you don’t need to let it boil but I always want a boiling hot coffee. Whatever you do, make sure you give your grounds plenty of time to settle, which also gives you coffee plenty of time to have flavour. Pour slowly and carefully so you don’t disturb those coffee grounds.


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