Apart from risking a huge fine and jail time, putting a fire out properly is the best way not to be the cause of bushfire. While bushfires are a natural phenomenon, a large number of bushfires are started by us. With so much dry vegetation across Australia, we all know how fast and far they can spread.

You must always check the region you are in for fire lighting regulations and laws. Fire bans change with the weather and the seasons. Make sure you are informed before you even light a fire. Just being close to a water source is no excuse for breaking the rules. If you’ve ever been close to a bushfire, you will know a river or creek nearby won’t help you at all. Bush fires can leap across roads and rivers themselves.

Now if you have made a fire and you’re planning to move on, it’s important you put it out properly. Here, we are taking a look at how to make sure you’ve put out your fire properly.


Let your campfire burn down to ash where possible. There’s no point adding more fuel if you are only going to use the campfire for a little longer. If you want to slow your fire down, separate ash from wood. The point here is that you use all the wood and burn it down as much as possible.

Once you are finished with your fire, it’s time to get some water. The idea is to sprinkle water over the fire. Keep doing this until you are sure there are no hissing and squealing noises. If the coals are still burning, you can expect a little smoke. Take a break and keep sprinkling water over the fire. It’s important to sprinkle the water so that you get water into all the nooks and crannies.

After the fire goes quiet or you’ve run out of water, it’s time to use dirt and sand to cover the ash and coals completely. Dirt and sand deprives any remaining burning embers of oxygen. Stir up your mix of dirt and water to ensure the fire is completely extinguished.

Finally, it’s time to check. The dirt and sand should be cool to the touch and you can leave. If the dirt is still hot then you should keep working to ensure the fire is out.


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Madeleine Park

Madeleine is a real green thumb and spends most of her time outdoors in her garden if she is not outdoors somewhere else.