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We recommend taking your time when rigging your kayak for fishing. Rigging a kayak for safety requires a little forethought. Think about safety, comfort, reachability and safety again. Always have your safety gear close at hand. You should always have a whistle, light and a bright orange kayak flag.

Now you have the basics of safety sorted, how can you take any kayak and make it more suitable for fishing. This Quick Guide will help you make the most out of your ordinary kayak for fishing. Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need storage, an anchor system and a trolling motor. These tips work best with a SOT (Sit On Top) kayak because they have more flat space to mount accessories.


As you know, fishing requires a bunch of fishing gear, tackle, tools and the list continues. You need your gear easily accessible while being out of the way when you cast. You need a container that is big enough to carry all of your gear that you can place behind your back.

The easiest solution is a plastic crate. A milk or bread crate will do the job. They have holes and spaces on the inside to hang, hold and place your fishing gear. Furthermore, these crates have holes allowing water to drain out.

Rod holders are easy to attach to crates and cargo nets are perfect for covering them. If you want to make your own custom rod holders, PVC piping will do the trick. Zip fasteners are excellent for tying everything together.

The best place for your plastic crate is right behind your seat. SOT kayaks are really good for fishing because the space behind the angler is normally quite flat. All you need is a good piece of foam for placing your crate. Tie-downs usually reserved for tying down luggage can be used to tie your crate down even if you have to wrap around the hull of your kayak.


Keeping yourself in position without some form of anchoring system is difficult. Trolley anchor systems can be built from scratch or you can buy one especially designed for kayak fishing. The pulley system makes it especially easy to drop your anchor and bring it in with ease.

Another easy DIY option is an anchor pole. Anchor poles are perfect for shallow water fishing. Tie some durable line to one end of your anchor pole and you’ve instantly got an easy-to-use anchoring system.


Electric trolling motors are a must have with any serious kayak setup. Transom mount electric trolling motors are the most suitable for kayaks. Watersnake has introduced a revolutionary new kayak mount and bracket that has made attaching a Watersnake trolling motor to any kayak a breeze. This is no advertisement – the product is simply outstanding and defuncts any other method.

With a place for gear, a way to hold yourself in position and an electric trolling motor, your everyday SOT kayak is now one awesome kayak fishing machine.


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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.