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Conductive fingertip gloves can be frustrating. Many conductive fingertip gloves simply don’t have the capabilities to work a touch screen effectively, nor are they able to keep your hands warm when you are out and about. They offer both functions but excel at neither and the conductive thread often wears quicker and the gloves fall apart within a relatively short period of time.

These are all very real concerns and once you introduce the conductive capabilities, there are sacrifices to the durability of the material. However, there are some brands available in Australia which provide a pretty good compromise on durability, warmth and functionality when using a smartphone and they should last the winter.


The average everyday user will be using the gloves in winter conditions on a daily basis to answer the phone and send messages without removing the gloves. The Moshi Digits provide a pretty good all round conductive finger tipped glove. These gloves come with an enhanced grip on the palm and fingers to stop your phone from slipping out of your hands and meeting its grisly end on the icy pavement.

The material allows for pretty reliable typing as the seams have been tactically placed away from the fingertips which make contact with the phone. The material retains plenty of warmth in daily activities, but if you are heading to colder climes or at altitude they really won’t provide enough warmth for you to feel your fingers all day, for this you will need something a little stronger.


If you enjoy winter hiking in colder temperatures or are outside a lot in below freezing conditions you will expect more insulation from your glove. Something like the North Face ThermoBall Etips will provide you with the insulation you need.

Because of the reinforced material, the fingers are a little chunkier and don’t provide the dexterity the lighter gloves can, however, these are fine for sending a quick message in or changing the song on your iPod, just don’t expect to be able to type out mistake-free essays on your smartphone.

I still can’t find any conductive finger-tipped gloves on the market which are totally waterproof because the conductive technology which allows you to type has to be permeable, so these gloves still can’t compete with regular winter gloves on that front.


If the woollen look isn’t for you, there are some options which come in a sleek leather design. The Aiden Leather and Stretch Gloves and Sasha Leather and Tech Gloves for men and women respectively offer a more sophisticated look. Although strictly speaking they aren’t leather on the fingers or palms, they maintain that real leather look and have leather stitched onto the back.

These gloves also have the sticky grip on the palm to prevent accidents. They feature sufficient insulation to keep your hands warm in most of Australia’s winter climates and simultaneously offer a high level of dexterity when typing. They have all the style of real leather but the practicality and grip of a heavier duty glove.


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