Fishing rod tips


A fishing rod should last for a very long time if you take care of it from a little maintenance to the way you treat it. You’ll notice that anglers who love their gear tend to have a number of fishing rods, many more than they probably require. This is because they care for them and still have fishing rods they purchased many years ago. Snapping a fishing rod sucks. There is no doubt about it.

Take a look at these tips to caring for your fishing rod.


Avoid hooking your hooks and lures on the guides when you are not using them. This might look smart but it isn’t. Hooks scratch your guides and will have a negative effect on how well you can cast your line.

Another newbie mistake comes from getting excited when reeling in a fishing line. Banging your rig or lure against the tip is only asking for trouble. This mistake is only superseded by those who put unnecessary pressure on their rods. You never need to pull on your rod so much that you are lifting your rod more than 90 degrees.

Carry your fishing rod while keeping it horizontal as you walk. It also pays to have the tip of the rod behind you. I don’t know how many times I have seen someone smashing a tip by digging into the hard ground of a car park. While I am on the topic of car parks, let’s talk about taking care while you are in them with your fishing rod. In the battle of fishing rods versus car doors, or any door for that matter, doors always win.

Anything that bashes your fishing rod or causes your fishing rod to bash up against something else won’t do your fishing rod any good. There are plenty of devices on the market to help you transport your fishing rod with your vehicle. Having one hanging out of the window and using the old trick of putting it in place by using the recess of a side rear vision mirror is just asking for trouble. I’ve seen too many tips get smashed that way.

Try not to put your fishing rod flat on the ground. This is the best way to have it stepped on and a great way to have it destroyed. There is nothing like a fishing rod holder to keep your fishing rod in place when you are not using it. They are well worth the investment.


Always wash your fishing rod down with water. I always go with a bit of dishwashing liquid to make sure there isn’t anything left on the rod. A rod that has been cleaned properly after each use will look great for years. I use a sponge and make sure every part of the rod was been wiped thoroughly. Just rinsing off is not good enough.

Finally, when your fishing rod is dry, it is time to store it properly. The last thing you want to do is stand it up against a wall because this will give the fishing rod an unwanted bend over time.

Again, a rod storage rack is a great solution if you have one or a number of rods. They are great because they keep your rod standing correctly while keeping your fishing rods off the ground.


Do you have any other tips you can add to taking better care of a fishing rod? Let us know by sharing your thoughts through the comments section below.

Robert M Davies

Robert passed the "Obsessed With Fishing Test" with flying colours. Instead of talking, Robert has turned his hand to writing about his experience in fishing all around Australia.