mosquito biting arm


Campsite mishaps are easy to setup. Waking up covered in bites or a rash is an awful way to start the next few days and can even end your camping trip. In this Quick Guide, we take a look at ways you can protect yourself and do it safely.


The most basic way to keep bugs and insects off your body is with repellents. If you are looking for a more natural solution, lavender or cinnamon essential oils work really well too.

Have you heard of mosquito bracelets? They are becoming increasingly popular with those who spend time kayaking because there is no need to keep re-applying body repellents.

Standing water is a great place for mosquitos to breed. Setting up your campsite near standing water is just asking for trouble.

If you are not fond of repellent sprays for the inside of your tent, use citronella candles. They work great and give you some soft candle light, which can really help you sleep at night.

Another relatively new product on the market is insect-repellent clothing. The fabric has been treated with chemicals to keep mosquitos and other bugs away.

Not last, and definitely not least, a campfire is a sure way to give your small region some serious protection.

Finally, don’t sleep on the ground. You will keep yourself away from more than just walking creepy crawlies.


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Bill Matthews

Bill is as green friendly as they come. He's travelled the world, loves kayak fishing and camping.