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There are those who are happy to sponge themselves down once a day when they are camping but camping without a shower is a deal breaker for me. I like to feel clean even if I am in the great outdoors. Thankfully, it is easy to organise a shower wherever you are camping as long as you have a water supply.


These are easily the most popular in Australia. Solar heated camping showers are very easy to understand. They are a black bag that heats up in the sun. You simply fill the bag with water and lay it on the ground to heat up. To use, all you need to do is hang it up and let gravity do all the work.

If you are stuck without sun or you want a shower in a hurry, you can always heat the water you need with a kettle. I like to make sure I can get my solar shower hung up pretty high because it isn’t much fun trying to get clean all over with a nozzle-spray of water from the waist down.


Bucket showers are exactly that. They are basically a collapsible bucket with a handle and a spout. They are also a very cheap option but you can’t use the sun to heat the water with one of these. I resort to the trusty camp kettle to give me warm water when using a collapsible bucket shower.

The design of most solar showers tends towards the spout being quite low when hung on a hook in a regular height camp shower tent. This is fine if you’re five-feet tall, but if you’re any taller it can be quite tricky cleaning anywhere above the belly button!


If you are looking for a shower that works without gravity, a low-cost 12 volt shower is the solution for you. You will need a 12 volt power source for one of these. They are essentially a small pump with a hose that you put in your water source. These are great if you have a huge drum of water because you have extra time to wash yourself thoroughly.


Pressure showers are a stainless steel tank that is placed on a heat source to generate heat. Once you have the desired temperature, you pump the tank to create pressure needed to get water flow.


These are easily the most expensive way to have a shower whenever you want to in the outback. You will need to make sure you have the gas you need to make sure your water is warm and you keep your battery recharged so that water pumped out of the system. They are definitely a luxury and I can tell you they are excellent for feeling really refreshed after a day in the dust if you want to spend that kind of money.


Free-standing shower ensuites are much like a single person tent that is designed to stand in except they have been built for the single purpose of giving you privacy when you want to have a shower outdoors. They also give you somewhere to hang up your solar heated shower bag.

While many shower tents have detachable floors on the inside to keep your feet clean, I have found that digging a small drain is the best way to go. I use small a small foam mat with holes so my feet have a soft surface and a hand dug drain so that I am not standing ankle deep in water.

The easiest solutions are so affordable I can’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want to have a shower each day. There is nothing worse than going to bed at night without having a good wash, especially if you have been fishing!


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