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Swiss army knives are the ultimate versatile tool for the Australian outdoorsman. Modern knives feature a multitude of different tools equipped for every possible scenario. With a little preparation, you can ensure you find the perfect multipurpose Swiss army knife for you.


Swiss army types fit several categories. There are the DIY knives, everyday use knives, camping knives and knives specifically designed for hunting and fishing purposes. Decide which general category of pocket knife you need before you select which individual tools you would like on it. If you aren’t sure about this, make a note of every situation in your everyday life when a pocket tool kit would be useful and see where you would use the knife most often.

Once you have narrowed down your search to only include the knives which are fit for your purpose, make a list of the tools you need to have. You can also include added extras that you would like but aren’t essential.


Shop around and see how much the knives are going for. The manufacturer’s websites can be expensive, so be sure to check your local camping and DIY shops and online retailers. Don’t sacrifice the quality for the price. It is possible to find some quality manufactured Swiss army knives at a reasonable price so keep looking. Even the cheapest knife becomes an expensive purchase if it breaks within a few weeks.


You will need to consider the size of the knife, depending on where you are looking to carry it. The beauty of the pocket knife is that it can fit neatly in your pocket and is readily disposable whenever you need it. However, in this case, you will need a blade which fits into your pockets and unless you have particularly deep pockets, this may be fairly shallow and restrict the length of the knife. Look for knives with useful clips which can be attached to a belt loop.


While state laws may be slightly different, whether exposed or not, you need to have a valid reason for carrying a knife in public by just about all if not all state laws.

This is something to keep in mind when heading back to the campgrounds if you’ve got your big Swiss Army knife hooked up to your belt. It’s easy enough to forget but If someone makes a call, the police will have to come and they will have to speak with you. That will be a drag because obviously you were camping, but still, who needs their time wasted.

Like anything that even resembles a knife or blade, Swiss Army knives are not permitted on planes. I was caught out at an airport with my expensive knife going through security, I had completely forgotten it was still in the bottom of my carry-on backpack. My only option other than putting it in the bin was to visit the post office inside the airport and post it back to myself, given the size and weight it wasn’t that cheap, not to mention there was no time to do so. Needless to say, I have never made that mistake again.


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Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.