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Anyone who has owned a boat trailer for some time will know light failure is common. For one reason or another, trailer lights tend to be unreliable. You start by fixing problems here and there and before you know it you are getting your whole trailer rewired. Boat trailers need a considerable amount of maintenance. Here is a look at some of the ways you can reduce the cost of owning a boat trailer and keep your rig rolling before you end up paying for major repairs.

And of course, always store your trailer in a dry place.


Water is the biggest cause of lighting failure. Electrical connections and water are natural enemies. Cover all connections with marine grade silicon. This will greatly reduce the damage caused by water on your trailer’s electrical system and greatly increase the lifetime of your trailer’s electrical system.


Replacement parts for boat trailers are readily available at low cost. A worn trailer ball can cause a lot of damage. A replacement trailer ball will only cost you around $10. Wheel bearings are the biggest cause of major damage. It always pays to carry a spare set or have a spare set handy. Those with experience will also tell you to always carry an extra wheel. An extra wheel is just the same as carrying a spare in your car. A wide range of spare parts for towing your boat are available at extremely low costs – make sure you replace worn parts before they become problem parts.


Most repairs are carried out on the road when we least need the hassle. Apart from the items mentioned above, it is important you carry items to deal with emergency repairs. Always carry a spare tire, 4-way jack, duct tape, extra bearing protectors, a grease gun, extra grease, a hammer, road flares, extra fuses, extra light bulbs, tie-straps, extra lug nuts and a crowbar.


Always inspect your boat trailer before departure.


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