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Before you can practice setting your anchor, you need the right anchor for your boating needs. You will probably end up owning more than one type of anchor because different anchors suit different bottom types. There are 2 issues to consider when choosing an anchor for you. You need to consider boat size and bottom conditions. Here, we take a look at anchor types.


Fluke anchors are built with a  shank and 2 or more spades on hinges. These spades, otherwise known as flukes, dig into the bottom when the anchor is pulled. A hinge on the shank allows the shank to rise while the flukes dig into the bottom. Fluke anchors are perfect for mud or sand and can handle even large boats. A 15lb fluke anchor can hold a 32” boat.


Plough anchors are a plow attached to a shank. The anchors look much like a large hook with a plough. They are perfect for anchoring in grass, rocks and mud. Pllough anchors are much heavier than fluke anchors. A 20lb plough anchor is required for a 32” boat.


A claw anchor is much like a plough anchor but has a number of claws instead of a single plow. Claw anchors are good for rocky underwater terrain. More claws allow them to get a better hold. You will also need a bow roller for your claw anchor. They generally weigh more than plow anchors and a 22lb claw is needed to hold a 30” boat.


A fisherman’s anchor is the anchor we all know – the anchor we see on fisherman tattoos. In actual fact, they are not really used much anymore. They are much heavier than all the other anchors. A 75lb fisherman’s anchor is needed to hold a 32” boat.


Mushroom anchors are normally used with smaller boats on day trips and work well in mud or sand. They look like an upside down mushroom. They are also popularly used with inflatable boats because they don’t have any sharp points. Vinyl coated mushroom anchors are particularly good for inflatable boats. The best mushroom anchors have drain holes, which make them easier to pull out of the sand or mud. 15lb mushroom anchors can hold a 22” boat.


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