Tasmania is the other island of Australia. It’s separated from the rest of Australia by the notorious Bass Strait. Tasmania actually has another 300 plus smaller islands making up the state.


Over 40% of Tasmania is designated as national parks, reserves and World Heritage Sites. That makes for some pretty amazing adventure getaways across 17 national parks and a non-stop coastline.


Tasmania’s pristine environment and waterways make it one of the world’s last great fisheries with good fishing found within minutes of most towns and cities. Tasmania’s wild Brown Trout are considered one of the purest strains of the species in the world. There’s more than 3,000 rivers, streams and lagoons giving you ample fishing hotspots. As for fly fishing, Tasmania a fly fisherman’s paradise.


Tasmania is also home to sensational game fishing only 30 minutes from the shore. In actual fact, Tasmania holds many of the world’s game fishing records including those for Southern Bluefin Tuna.


Tasmania is considered the natural state and is the proud owner of the first environmental party in the world.


What to expect? Some pretty amazing camping, kayaking, hiking, fishing and even skiing is possible. If the weather is against you, plan a day at the Moorilla Estate for a truly Tasmanian wine experience.


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