Kakadu National Park is about as famous as any national park in the world can be. It’s home to some amazing wildlife, including saltwater crocodiles and flatback turtles and birds. You’ll find amazing Aboriginal rock paintings that date back to prehistoric times at Nourlangie, Nanguluwur and Ubirr.


There are plenty of places to camp. Kakadu has loads of camping areas run by the national park. There is no booking system. It’s all about getting there first. If you want to camp outside the camping areas, that’s possible too, you’ll just need to get a camping permit from the Kakadu National Park Rangers.


For those of you who love fishing, there are plenty of places to fish. Boat fishing is extremely popular with visitors and locals alike. Kakadu is riddled with rivers and billabongs. Of course, there are those who are experts and there are plenty of fishing tours to ensure you get your catch.


You want to be careful in smaller boats and kayaks because it is extremely dangerous, even to camp near the water’s edge. Saltwater crocodiles are very aggressive and will and do attack people in boats. The smaller the boat, the greater the risk. You never want to wade through the water when fishing the Kakadu.


We’re collecting our favourite fishing, camping and accommodation options so you can make your adventure happen.