Broome is described in many ways. Some will tell you it is a beach resort town and a holiday hot spot. Other’s will say it is a remote outback post of untouched wilderness and the ancient Kimberley is where the traditional land owners still live a traditional lifestyle.


In actual fact, Broome is a bit of both. There are a couple of high-end resorts and there is a classy bar in one or two of them. It’s not like you are heading to the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast. Most tourist brochures forget to mention there isn’t much there except a lot of Western Australian nature, it’s where the red desert meets the sea.


For those of us who are looking for the ultimate touring, camping and Australian fishing adventure, Broome is the perfect stop on a road trip around Australia. Some of the best deep sea fishing can be found if you’re game enough to head out on some world class fishing charters.


Broome is the epitome of Australian Outback. The best thing about Broome is that it hasn’t been turned into a touristy destination, while it is still popular with tourists, or adventurers, if you like. You want to make sure you plan your accommodation in advance because what’s on offer gets snapped up very fast.


If you are looking for remoteness, the outback and the wilderness of adventure, we’re collating the best camping, accommodation and fishing options so you can make it happen.