Pirate Camping


For some unlucky kids (myself included) our birthdays fall in the holiday season and everyone is travelling. This can mean that there is no party, or if there is it is not one with as much decoration, food or effort put in as the other parties and can make you wish that you were born a normal time of the year! However this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are certain party themes that can match a certain type of holiday, and here I will explain one I really wish I could have had when I was younger – a pirate-themed party at a campsite.


Most importantly you need to set up a walk the plank activity, however, you have a couple of variations that could suit different kids and campsites. If you’re camping near a river during the summer then set up a plank over the water (a safe spot you’ve checked out) and have some competitions where the one that comes last has to walk the plank and continue until you have a winner who is named the captain. If you’re not near water and the kids are not so competitive then a plank set up on blocks/bricks over land can be just as fun with the kids squirting water pistols or throwing softballs at the person who must make it across the plank without falling. The ones who didn’t fall the first time must then walk it with increased difficulty such as backwards, sideways and blindfolded until you have a winner.

Another activity perfectly suited for camping is searching for hidden treasure, as you have lots of space to put clues and bury the treasure. For older kids who want a challenge try to have just one treasure box and put them into pairs or teams to work out the clues and try to find it first. For younger kids simply hide individual items and have them try to collect as many treasures as they can in a bucket. Some ideas for treasure are marbles, imitation stones, chocolate money (if it’s not too hot that it will melt), toy jewellery or if you’re thinking to get some more high-quality items then perhaps you can hide tokens instead and the kids can use them to barter for a prize later on.


As having an iced decorated cake will not be so easy while you are camping, another idea that could work well is to get a cardboard pirate ship and fill it with treats the kids love. You can have jelly babies as the crew of the ship, fruit tingles as life buoy rings, musk sticks for masts and of course snakes and fish to be in the water around the ship.


Of course there are plenty of outfits and decorations you can find in toy stores, however, these are usually suited to indoor or backyard parties rather than campsites. What would be better would be to get some old clothes that are almost worn out and have the kids turn them into pirate gear. They should fray or jaggedly cut the edges, draw in patches or rip holes and then with black rags make belts, eye patches and bandanas. Also with black material get some white paint so that you or the kids can paint the Jolly Roger skull and crossbow to make flags that can be hung on or between the tents.


Do you have any other ideas for making a camping pirate party even better, Share in the comments below.


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