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We have all seen them, staring back at us from the glossy pages of a fishing magazine. A busty, made-up, bronzed, tiny-waisted woman, wearing a floral bikini and holding a monster that we are supposed to assume she caught. She may or may not have caught it, but that is beside the point. These women have become ornaments to look at in magazines in the same way we look at a fast car, or an impressive catch.

Modern anglers are not just rural men interested in seeing boobs, bait and Barramundi. The Aussie fisho comes from all walks of life and, most importantly, from both sets of genders. Continuing to show scantily clad women posing with fish does our sport and the modern Aussie fisho a great disservice.

This is not to say that there is no place in fisho magazines for women. If Sheila from Townsville catches a beauty whilst out fishing, by all means, put her in the magazine. But let’s celebrate her catch, not her sexual attributes. We are evaluating her catch, not her body. When John has his photo with his Murray Cod, he doesn’t pose topless, flexing his muscles, he has his headlamp, a raincoat and fishing waders on. Why should it be any different for women?

We want our sport to appeal to the younger generation of Aussie anglers. We want our sport to grow and thrive, including among young Aussie girls who are trying to perfect the art of casting with their first rod and reel combo. These images in our popular magazines don’t make our sport accessible to this demographic. These images send a clear message to young, female, Australian anglers: we will be judging your appearance as well as your angling merit.

Women have much more ability and powerful attributes than just appearance. If that model did catch that massive Marlin, then good on’ ya. She deserves her place in the magazine. But the fact that I am sceptical that she did, shows that there aren’t enough females in angling magazines being celebrated for their fishing talents. Let’s get more girls in our magazines, but not semi-naked, staring provocatively at the lens. Let’s get them showing off their catches, sharing their thoughts on the latest reel and showing me what she used to haul in a Marlin of that size.

If you want to see women posing naked, there are plenty of magazines which can fulfil that desire. If you are interested in fishing and want to see impressive catches and broaden your interest in the sport, then let’s have just that.

We might just find that we make our beloved sport more accessible to a generation being brought up with the mindset to reject damaging and false ideas thrown at them by the mass media. We might find that there are more women at our lakes and rivers, a broader fishing community with more diversity, which celebrates its members for their achievements and accomplishments in the sport, not the size of their rack.


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Robert M Davies

Robert passed the "Obsessed With Fishing Test" with flying colours. Instead of talking, Robert has turned his hand to writing about his experience in fishing all around Australia.