Wakeboarding junkies are always searching for the perfect spot to perfect their craft with like-minded individuals. Practising a sport like wakeboarding gives you the opportunity to see Australia like no other sport. Magical scenery hidden away in the depths of Australian waterways become unlocked to wakeboarders and as the sport becomes more popular more destinations than ever are opening up to riders. With that comes great spots to party. Here we give you a rundown of some of the lesser explored locations for those of you who want to do a little exploring and pioneering.


The “mighty” Murray river in South Australia is aptly named. A weekend riding this beauty is a wakeboarders paradise. The river snakes through the South Australian territory, passing through Renmark, Mannum, and Murray Bridge before relieving itself into the sea at Goolwa.

At only a 45-minute drive from Adelaide, Murray Bridge can be a popular spot in the summer, with wakeboarders and water-skiers competing for space. The town has plenty of accommodation and is a real tourist hotspot. But just 20 minutes out of town you can find Mannum, an absolute gem. An old paddle boat port town, renting a houseboat and taking advantage of the slick curves away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists provides the perfect backdrop for a weekend away wakeboarding. The two boat ramps are on Randle Street and Mary Ann Reserve.


Many people don’t associate Queensland with wakeboarding and fresh water. For this reason, the Tweed River is an ideal spot for riding. No crowds and an abundance of waterways to carve up. There was talk about banning wakeboarding a short while back as residents wanted to keep the waterways peaceful but nothing ever came of it so you are free to enjoy the fruits on offer. The great weather can make for an unforgettable trip, but watch out for bull sharks!


Perhaps the most unique location in Australia, Jindabyne has snow and a lake. There are not many spots in the world that can boast pristine freshwater lakes for wakeboarding with a snowy mountainous backdrop, but Jindabyne manages it. About 5 hours outside Sydney, a lot of Sydneysiders see this as a winter destination to get some skiing and snowboarding, so in the summer it’s relatively quiet. Wakeboarders can head in and take over the town in the summer without having to compete with heaps of people and other boats.

Accommodation spans from a small budget caravan park to a high budget hotel so there really is something for every pocket. The town boasts a thriving nightlife and there are plenty of bars to hit up after the days riding. A real diamond in New South Wales.


The mecca for Australian wakeboarders for its choice of great locations. It’s impossible to have a bad trip to Perth. The Canning River provides great wakeboarding at Mount Pleasant and Waroona Dam is also a real locals spot within easy access of Perth. If you are looking for an adrenaline kick, the man-made lakes at Bonney’s Waterski Park come complete with kickers and sliders for all your wakeboarding needs.


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Oli Ward

Oli has camped and hiked his way around Australia and most of Europe. He also loves writing about his experiences and sharing his knowledge.