fish in a fish mouth


If you have ever wondered whether your love of fishing has gone slightly overboard (excuse the pun), this test is designed to help you get some perspective. Simply answer the questions “Yes” or “No” and check your results below.

Find out if you are obsessed with fishing…

• When there is a 90% chance of really bad weather, you know you have a 10% chance of weather perfect for fishing.

• Your letterbox is a giant fibreglass Bass.

• Getting up to go to work at 8am is painfully difficult but getting up at 4am for a fishing trip without an alarm is easy.

• When someone has a tragedy, you think they’ve broken a fishing rod or reel.

• You have more than 10 of any particular fishing lure all in the same colour.

• You wore your favourite tournament shirt to your best friend’s wedding because you were told to dress smart.

• Cats always seem to follow you around.

• You have given more than one fish a name at each of your favourite fishing spots.

• You have any children named Shimano, Penn, Fin Nor or Pflueger.

• You have a dog named DINGA.

• You think your spouse is joking when you are asked if you have anything on this weekend.

• When you put on a tie it always ends up looking like an Improved Clinch Knot.

• You have a tattoo on your arm that highlights various fish lengths, and you use it.

• Your entire wardrobe consists of tournament fishing shirts and any pants and shorts that will go with them.

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, you are obsessed with fishing, and that’s fine.


Did you pass the test? What other questions should be a part of this test? Let us know and share through the comments section below.

Martin White
Martin White

Martin is huge on everything outdoors and is even bigger on driving and technology. He loves boats, new stuff and writing about it.